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Dat animation style tho · 12:19am June 29th

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ooh, you snuck one in before me! D:

The writing seems good (though trailers always use up all the funniest bits), I'm not crazy on the "throw everything at the wall" worldbuilding, but the animation? It looks like Flash had babies with bad CGI. :unsuresweetie:

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I don't like the CG, but after a couple rewatches I'm actually really digging the more hand-drawn style for the 2D elements.

So pretty!


Honestly don't mind the animation, but then again, whenever I notice people complaining about CGI and whatnot, I find myself having nothing to really complain about. So my opinion there probably doesn't mean anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This entire trailer was basically "All of my friends are here! And also Spike!"

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