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I'm a simple person who dislikes very little and hates even less; I like (or even love) a few things: reading, gaming, Pinkie Pie, and writing; I even take story requests~!

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(New) Story Writing Requests · 8:11am Jun 27th, 2017

If you want me to write something (anything, really) then simply drop a request. There are going to be some ground-rules that should be followed, but that will mostly deal with what is/isn't allowed. (Below the break)

Sending a request:
To give a request is easy. There are about five different methods that I can think of in order to give me the required things. (1: a comment on this blog post; 2: a comment on my Userpage; 3: sending me a PM; 4: getting contact with me on Discord, I can provide a link if needed; 5: Sending me an email; [Note: It isn't hard to contact me, and I do my best to reply as quickly as I can. If I don't reply within four hours then I am most likely not home, or I am somewhere that doesn't have a way for me to contact the outside world, or asleep as rarely as that is.]) Each method is simple, and frankly logical.

Types of Stories:
I can work with most things. If I've not done it before, then it can be experimental type of story. While most of my writing fits into one of the many timelines that I have, I can work outside of them hence why I added the Independent category; otherwise I can also make something new and personal (you could -- if you wanted -- have me make an entire timeline). Each story is just that single story; but I digress. (Multiple stories are allowed, but the second story [and onward] will be placed as second priority in my list.)
You can give me basically anything to work with; characters, tags, plot -- all of it. All I ask is that there is some leisure space when it comes to things, since if everything is already planned out. Why ask someone else to write it for you? Anyway...

Length of Stories:
I used to go off of a short story basis per request. But now I am going to go with just a story request. You give the story, or whatever details you want. I'll ask for clarification, or specifics on something. Then I work on the story at one point (in hopes that I get around to it). The story may be a quick one thousand word story; less than one thousand word story (which will most likely never happen); or it could be some fifty thousand word novel. I will go as far as to say: it could even be an eight million word epic (provided you can give me enough to work with to get to that point).

Characters, and Original Characters (OC):
I can work with just about any character. Mare, stallion; dog, cat. Doesn't matter (for the most part). I'll take a little time to work out the ins and outs of the character before I get to the full on writing. Any character from the show is fine (in the sub section of this section I'll cover OCs). The more a character is established (sometimes even with little establishment) the more time it will take me to get them down; as I'd have to know the speech and personality well enough.
Original Characters are a little different. I mostly need to know information like: what color are they; what size are they; what gender are they (if any); do they have any tics or antics that should be expressed; and most other basic information about them. I'll message questions I have about the character, possibly, as I get to them.

Rating, Tags, and Then-some:
I will work with any rating (Everyone, Teen, Mature). And naturally I can work with any tag, though my effectiveness with each tag varies from tag to tag. Questions or concerns, please contact me from the methods listed above.

Working on the Request:
For me to start the request I have to have finished the other requests that have come before it. But bugging me about it can get me to start it early (with vexation). All I ask is that you have some patience with me as I attempt to get to everything (including my own stories). I will message you when I start working on the request. And I will also inform you when I finish. I also try to give status updates on how things are going (don't be despaired if you don't hear from me, I am quite easily distracted and forgetful); whether I have to start over; if things are going perfectly fine, and when the expected upload date could be based on progress (expected dates are only expected and should not be taken to heart, as they will most likely be wrong).

Last Bit:
You have the option to be anonymous with your story request (at least on the story's description; give me a reason to complain and names will be given to only a few people). What it will look like is something like this:

Requested by: FakeUserForExample


Requested by: Anonymous

Questions and complaints, just contact me from the methods above.

Too Long; Didn't Read:
You can give me a request, and I will work on writing the story.

Thanks for reading, and yes I know it is a little long.
Edit: I reserve the right to turn away any request, or to not publish something. If I do not publish it then it will be sent to you as a message (most likely as a link to the Doc).

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How about one with mist? I'll leave the partner to your choice, so go ahead and get creative.

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