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Happy Pride Month! · 12:17am Jun 27th, 2017

Happy Pride Month everyone! I know it's a bit late, but hey, it's never too late to have Pride! :D

How are you all? I've been very inactive lately, as I'm sure some of you might have noticed. I'm afraid this is how it will be for a while, if not forever. My desire to write MLP and be online here has dwindled. But, fear not, I'm not leaving just yet! I think I may, maybe have a few more fluffy tales just... waiting in my head.

Did any of you celebrate this month? If so, how? [Off topic, what did you think of the newest episode, The Perfect Pear?]

Comments ( 32 )

Happy Pride Month to you Harmony, and to everyone across the world! I salute to you all! :pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

Good stuff! (Both the episode and the pride month!

Happy day to you, little sis. :twilightsmile:

Happy Pride month to you, as well! I've missed reading your work, Harmony! I hope you'll stay with us for a while longer.

I might not openly celebrate but I try to always be the one who calls out those who are oppressive or mean to the LGBTQ community. I once asked a group of my co-workers if their attitude towards me would change if I told them I was gay. They never really answered me, except for the usual rhetoric. I told them it shouldn't matter, I'm the same person, no matter who or what I choose to identify myself. I don't know, even now, if they understood what I was saying.
You just be proud of you, Harmony. That positivity will always shine bright and light your way forward in life.

So all you would be cool with a "Hey I Not gay" month? Just asking ........

The point of this month is to celebrate people who have been oppressed and hurt in history, and who continue to be persecuted. It is a time where people can be proud of who they are, and speak out against prejudice and hate. Every other month out of the year is 'Straight Pride', if you were to call it as so. I'm not saying you shouldn't be proud of being born that way, but there is no reason to have such a month. Just as there is no 'White History Month' or 'Mens' Day'. Every day has been their day. Such celebrations are not meant to make something feel special nor better than anyone, merely give notice and value to minorities or others who haven't been so lucky.

Thank you. You really are so sweet. :heart:I wish you the best if you ever do decide to come out. I believe you said you were questioning your gender, right?

Oh I see. After one question you think you know me? Just to tell you something sister. I have had more dick and pussy the you ever have... Also I am a better man then you ever will be and a better woman they you can be. So go fuck yourself with that " divide us into groups" bullshit. That's what wrong with the world today.

Thank you. Yes, I have questioned my gender for quite a while. I don't know if I'll ever really come out, though I have to a couple of friends (you included) that have been understanding and supportive. I'd have to move from where I am now if o ever did. It's not a very good area for being LGBT.
You're sweet to remember that about me. Thal you so much!

Oh goodness. First off, I am 14, of course I haven't had sex, not do I want to in the future. So congrats I guess? Sorry I assumed your sexual orientation, although your first comment did imply you were straight. Honestly, I'm not the best person in the world. No one's perfect. But judging from the words you choose, I can say I certainly do follow better morals. Please refrain from excessive swearing in the future, as I had no intent to anger you. Or, if you feel as if we can't get along, please feel free to unfollow me.

Sorry I do forget how old most of you kids are. That being said. How dare you!!! " I can say I certainly do follow better morals." I am 49 years old and have lived a large and colorful life. 14 TEEN wow you no nothing about yourself and/or the world. Also sorry for the "bad" words I used . No I will not unfollow you. You can block me if you feel the need that's fine. But I got to ask . Why don't you want to have sex? " I haven't had sex, not do I want to in the future." Sex is great!! I mean really. Only thing better is love and good drugs. Also sorry for having a foul mouth or in this case fingers.

Okay. I was merely guessing based off of the way you flew so fast into insults. I don't know your life, only the small snapshots you give online. What I do see isn't very pleasant, but I can't judge your entire personality from a few comments. As for your question on sex, I am questioning whether of not I am asexual. Now, I don't need your confirmation of denial of the fact. I am simply trying to figure out who I am in the world. (And perhaps it's not the best idea for a middle-aged man to be talking so adamantly about sex and drugs with a child?)

4584309 " (And perhaps it's not the best idea for a middle-aged man to be talking so adamantly about sex and drugs with a child?)" Very true. Have a good night I will take my leave now. Also I am sorry for my lack of judgment in this matter.

Goodnight to you, too

A bit late to the party, but happy pride month to you as well.

Right back at'cha.

I didn't celebrate, unfortunately, since no one else in my family seems to be aware that it's pride month. Still, though, happy pride month! :D

I'm decent-ish! A doctor has finally taken note of my built-in salsa bowl (pectus excavatum, if you're curious). Got some x-rays done for it, and I'm going back on Wednesday. I think next week, but hopefully this week.

4584154 Be well, wherever you go. If you need an ear, I'll be here.

Such salt. Just take it easy, my dude. It ain't that big a deal.
Also, happy pride month, friend-o. I wasn't even really aware of the fact that this was a thing. Guess you learn something new everyday.

Actually, there is an International Men's Day, and why shouldn't there be?

There are important issues that face men and boys, and it makes just as much sense to have a day to consider them, as it does to have a day for women's issues.

For example, did you know that 92% of all workplace deaths are men? And that doesn't even include the military. Men work incredibly risky jobs. You see campaigns asking for there to be more female CEOs and more female lawyers and stuff. Funnily enough, you don't often see campaigns for there to be more female electrical power line engineers or more female oil rig workers — dangerous jobs which are almost exclusively done by men, and not especially well paid.

Or the issue that men tend to lose out in custody battles.

Or the issue that prostate cancer research (which kills mainly men) is woefully underfunded compared with breast cancer research (which kills mainly women), despite killing a similar number of people.

I'm not sure we've reached a point when there would be a lot of point in having a straight pride day/week/month/year, but I wouldn't dismiss it entirely.

Is there really? Well that's good ^^

Once genfiction goes live, you'll be spending all of your fanfic time here anyway if that remains a hobby.

Not seeing the episode until its US air date. Is it worth paying attention to?

You are a very cool and sweet person, Harmony! Always be yourself and you'll be just fine. Talk to you soon.
Oh, and Happy belated Birthday 🎉!

My birthday was in December? But thank you <3

Best of luck in the future for you, you cinnamon roll

I am sorry for being so combative .Its just like we(people) make things harder the we need to. Why not a " We Like Who We Like if You Don't Like It Go Buck Yourself" day? But anywho I am sorry for being such a b.......

I didn't know when your birthday was but hope it was happy 😊!
Mine is July 4th. I'm just guessing but I think you knew that by the picture you sent! <3

Have good night, marshmallow 😉!

Oh, those were the transgender colors on the picture I sent you :P

And happy birthday! Now I know the real reason everyone is lighting up the sky with fireworks

Awww! Thanks, marshmallow, you're very sweet.

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