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    Just posted a new chapter of History Reimagined. That means it's Obligatory Not-Dead Post time again. :yay:

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    New History Chapter

    Back from the dead to bring you another chapter of History Reimagined! Sorry it's been so long. Real life still sucks, plus last semester was crazy busy even before 2020 went completely off the rails and into the dump before getting struck with lightning and catching fire.

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    So I got tired of making blog posts that never led to any actual content, so I did it in reverse order: Content first. Guess what? It worked.

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    Hey guys! I'm going to resume writing for History Reimagined very soon. (And I know I've said that several times now, but no seriously, I mean it this time.) Now, asking you to reread everything that came before could come across as rude, but honestly, it's probably necessary. And maybe not just necessary for you guys but for me as well, as there may be a few minor details I've forgotten

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FMF 23: 23 June 2017 · 10:39pm Jun 26th, 2017

Hey guys and welcome back to another Fandom Music Friday Monday! Again, apologies for the delay(s). It's been a rather chaotic past few weeks if not socially, then emotionally for me. Nothing too bad, though, just some things I'm working through.

I'm guessing if you've found this blog, you've also read/are familiar with History Lesson. This week's entry isn't technically pony-related, but it's a fully-animated alternate universe scenario with music in the background. (So it counts, darnit!) Basically, Starlight Glimmer steals Twilight's crown, goes through the mirror, and ends up not in a human high school, but a parallel universe with more technology and different magic. The prequel, A Different View of History, is recommended viewing. (Also, "History" as a title word :rainbowkiss: ) Oh, I might add that the song's in Russian like my previously featured Ink Potts parody animatic. An English version is available, but there's a timing issue on the third chorus, and frankly Russian sounds more romantic imo. (Besides, this is the original version rather than the parody.)

I hope you guys enjoyed that music/fanfic/piece of spectacular art as much as I did. kilme2paza has a number of other animatics and animations on their page, so go check those out too.

I'm still working (however slowly) on my fanfics, and I hope to have some new content up soon. It might not be on my page since I'm participating in an open colab, so I'll notify you guys when the next chapter goes up.

Star Wars: Clone Wars crossover/colab: (priority--high)
Blog with link to the story
          Goal: 10K words
          Progress: 8.6K words
          Remaining chapters: 1
Projected release date: Next week

History Lesson Bonus/Cut Content: (priority--medium)
          Projected: ~3-5K words
          Progress: 1.6K words

History Reimagined: (priority--low)
          Goal: very approx. 55-65K words
          Progress: 12.1K words
          Projected chapters: approx. 10 (?) (Might make chapters smaller than in History Lesson)
          Release date: Fall 2017

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