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Music SIG Likes #49 :: Dropkick Murphys · 3:42am Jun 25th, 2017

Not much to say here. Have a tasty selection of excellent Celtic punk style music to enjoy!

(Runeblad3 - Drunkin' Buddies)

Cadence To Arms

Never Alone

Caught In A Jar

Boys On The Dock

The Fighting 69th

Which Side Are You On?

Heroes From Our Past

Good Rats

The Dirty Glass

Bastards On Parade

Captain Kelly's Kitchen

[F] lannigan's Ball

Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya

The Hardest Mile

The Irish Rover

The Boys Are Back

Rose Tattoo
(This song gives me chills!)

Jimmy Collins' Wake

Feel free to reply and post anything that you enjoy!

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Ahh, yus! I love this band! :yay:


I heard Rose Tattoo and immediately fell in love with them. Such an excellent song!

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