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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.

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Mane Eight Ranking, Version 4 · 3:29pm Jun 24th, 2017

With half a season over, let's re-evaluate the mane eight and see where they stand. As well as see if there's anything that could maybe change their positions for next time. Here's the third version, from just after Season 6 had finished. Like all my lists, this one is not official by any means, so feel free to disagree just so long as you respect my opinion. Now, let's see who moved up, moved down, and stayed the same. Trust me, this time around it was kind of hard to place certain characters where they were.

8. Applejack
Why she stayed on the bottom: "Honest Apple" was a really bad performance for what is likely to be the only Applejack focus episode of the season, and she hasn't really done much since to make up for it. She was handled nicely in "The Perfect Pear" along with the rest of the Apple siblings, so maybe they could build off of their recently discovered family history for her? I mean, even Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie now got some major goal or development in their lives, so Applejack is the only one who has yet to have something to truly establish herself in the land of Equestria. Maybe that could inspire the writers to give her something to make her stand out and be something besides just the straight mare?

7. Rainbow Dash
Why she stayed the same: "Parental Glideance" was a victory lap for Rainbow Dash's character, but apparently we weren't supposed to sympathize with her in the episode if the moral is anything to go by. I don't really get why, I think we've had enough of "Rainbow Dash overreacts" stories. I would like to see some more focus on her as a Wonderbolt, and maybe if they reveal Scootaloo's family at some point, she could play a role in the story? She seems to be doing better than she did last season at this point, but time will tell if she can pick herself back up or not in the second half.

6. Starlight Glimmer
Why she moved down: *Sigh*, they came so close to fixing that constant problem with Starlight in "A Royal Problem". Her going with her gut, being called out on it, and feeling guilty, all of that was perfect. But then they hit the reset button so glaringly, telling her it was okay that she did what she did, meaning she's just going to repeat this same lesson the next time. Yes, I know that in real life people seldom learn their lesson the first time around, but here's the thing, in a show that thrives on teaching good morals, you shouldn't scarifice enjoyment and character development for the sake of realism. Maybe the thing with Starlight though, is that she's not good in her focus episodes. Maybe the reason why she worked so well in episodes like "Celestial Advice" and "Rock Solid Friendship", is because the episodes weren't focused on her and weren't about her learning a lesson?

5. Twilight Sparkle
Why she moved down: It may be a bit premature to pass judgement on her, since she's getting at least one focus episode later on this season ("Once Upon A Zepplin" which will focus on her family), but unfortunately while Twilight hasn't been handled absolutely poorly, lack of focus time (four episodes in a row where she did not appear, only one of which saw her be mentioned) has meant that her few potrayals so far haven't really impressed. "Celestial Advice" and "A Royal Problem" were good with her for the most part, even though they did seem to be dialing up her flaws a bit much. "A Flurry of Emotions" though, I just don't get how they could do such a poor job with a concept that should've been a guranteed home run. As I've said, perhaps it would've been best to swap Twilight and Starlight around for "A Flurry of Emotions" and "A Royal Problem", and adjust the stories accordingly. Starlight appearing in the first four episodes and cameoing in the fifth, would've justified giving her a rest until either "Honest Apple" or "A Royal Problem". I don't know if "Once Upon A Zepplin" will be enough to lift Twilight next time around, especially since as one person on Equestria Daily pointed out, they kind of dropped the whole "Twilight the teacher" aspect. She went from teaching the CMC in Season 4, to teaching Starlight in Season 6, and now neither of those have been picked back up.

4. Spike
Why he moved down: I don't think Spike has been handled badly at all, so far he seems to be doing alright. But it's hard to really pass judgement when he's yet to get his own focus episode this season, and also has been absent for many of the episodes so far. If there is one thing I'm perhaps willing to find fault with, it would be the attempted joke about him and Rarity in "Honest Apple", I'm not sure what exactly they were trying to do but it fell flat and kind of sounded like Spike was stalking Rarity for some reason (which isn't cute, it's creepy).

3. Rarity
Why she moved up: Amazing how quickly Rarity can bounce back from a bad season of writing, Season 7 seems to have reminded us of just why Rarity is so good, and so mature. Her potrayal in "Forever Filly" even managed to redeem her sibling relationship with Sweetie Belle, after "The Cart Before The Ponies" dragged it through the mud and then some. Sure, that may be her only big focus episode this season, but you can't deny "Forever Filly" was the kind of Rarity potrayal Season 6 was sorely lacking in, guess maybe Haber wasn't the right person to capture what made Rarity such a good pony. I would put her at number two, but there are some things with Rarity that I still have to question. Her decision to hire an interior designer for Fluttershy's sanctuary, not to mention failing to properly vet Dandy to make sure he understood what was expected of him. And her decision to make Applejack a judge for a fashion contest in "Honest Apple", something she was doing despite having already obtained contestants and a runway (usually you hire judges first, then announce a contest). Yes, I know "Honest Apple" tried to explain the decision, but it really didn't work out, when even Pinkie Pie thinks it doesn't make sense, that's a sign that your idea is probably a bad one.

2. Fluttershy
Why she stayed the same: "Fluttershy Leans In" and "Discordant Harmony", are examples of just how far Fluttershy has come, and I'm impressed that she's doing so well for herself. There's really not much else I can say, besides the fact that I hope Season 7's second half will continue her growth. The upcoming episode with her and Zecora shows promise (even if the plot sounds like an excuse to have Zecora not speak in rhyme).

1. Pinkie Pie
Why she stayed the same: Though she may not have been handled the greatest in "Rock Solid Friendship", Pinkie Pie has done well for herself, much better than she was doing a season ago. I dare say, she's on strong a track record here, as she was in Season 5. Sure, I'm probably a bit biased making her number one yet again, but I think she's more than earned her spot.

And there you have it.

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Comments ( 4 )

For me it goes:
1. Starlight
2. Rainbow Dash
3. Twilight
4. Pinkie
5. Fluttershy
6. Rarity
7. Spike
8. Applejack

Pretty much the same as it's been since season 6.

My ranking:
1. Pinkie Pie
2. Celestia
3. Scootaloo
4. Sunset Shimmer
5. Starlight Glimmer
6. Rainbow Dash
7. Sweetie Belle
8. Rarity
9. Trixie
10. Spike
11. Discord
12. Twilight Sparkle
13. Applebloom
14. Applejack
15. Fluttershy
16. Luna

Also, I think the word you're looking for is "objective" not "official".

I had no problems with Starlight in "A Royal Problem." To me, it made sense that the map called her to Canterlot. She's not as biased towards the princesses as the Mane Six are, as well as not one to try and argue with the princesses. Starlight was a political leader longer than any of the Mane Six, thus making her more able to coordinate with royals. Plus, she's more blunt and to the point; she's not gonna tip toe over any of this like Twilight was thinking of doing. That was really the only way anything would get resolved. JUST not in the way the map was likely expecting. Honestly, Starlight has become perhaps my favorite character out of the whole cast. I didn't have a problem with her doing what she did in "Every Little Thing She Does" because Twilight did the same thing in "Lesson Zero", and I didn't have a problem with her being reformed seeing as how it fit with the show's message and the Mane Six did reform Discord, so them forgiving Starlight and reforming Starlight didn't come off as too far a stretch of the imagination for me.

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