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CvBrony here, you can call me Cv ("cee vee"). My wife poked me hard enough to try the show, and a bit later, here I am. Now with Patreon!

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Progress Report 23 June 2017 · 4:49am Jun 24th, 2017

So, my cancer may have come back.


They're going to do some tests after I get back from the US trip, but there's good evidence from my blood tests to suggest a recurrence. This is... highly worrisome. It's starting to keep me up at night. This thyroid cancer wasn't supposed to be so aggressive. Hopefully Iodine is still effective against it. There's no reason to believe it won't be, but still. Worries me. Amps up my usual anxiety, that's for damn sure.

At least here in Canada the treatment won't bankrupt me.

I haven't done much writing lately. Been distracting myself with Mass Effect. I still have a decent backlog, so there's that at least.

I'll try to get back into writing here in the next week or so. At least get something done in the near future. Also, I could always use folks to talk to when I get nervous or an anxiety wave, and we've a Discord server set up for it. Link in the doobly-do below.


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Comments ( 27 )

Well, shit.

Oh... dear. Good luck, CvBrony. Hopefully it's a false alarm, and, if not, even more good luck.


damn. Hope the first test was a false positive. Good luck.

At least here in Canada the treatment won't bankrupt me.

This is honestly one of my biggest fears about coming down with a chronic condition. Even with insurance it's a gamble. Yay America. Or, a more serious chronic condition, I should say. Hypothyroid won't kill me directly.

Link in the doobly-do below.

John Green, is that you?!

Jokes and self deprecating US humor notwithstanding, good luck. I can't imagine how scary this must be, but do your best to keep your chin up. A positive attitude can only help.

It probably doesn't mean much but I'll have you in my prayers.

Prayers from a random stranger across the internet.

I'm a Chinese, I love your stories so much that I've translated one of them, it will be uploaded online soon. I've shared your stories with others and we all enjoy reading them. I hope you will recover soon and keep going. Best wishes.

Geez, I didn't even remember that cancer was a thing in between all of the hand and back stuff you've had going on... prayers and best wishes.

Hope you feel better and don't worry, take your time. Cancer is one of the worst illnesses that can happen, and I mean that. Though I don't usually comment I just wanted to wish you luck.


My thoughts are with you. Here's hoping the cause is manageable, whatever it is.

christ, cv, i'm sorry. here's to hoping it's a false positive.

Good luck from Australia mate!

hope it will be a false alarm but in case that it is back hope you will recover soon

as for Canada, yes, happy for you that like most normal countries you have healthcare

Man, fuck cancer. Seriously.

Yeesh. Thyroid conditions of pretty much any type are fucking nightmarish to live with. :pinkiesad2: Like Yami Vizzini I didn’t even know you had cancer, what with everything else that seems to hit you. Here’s hoping it’s a false positive or at the very least more easily beaten back this time.


Good luck. May you surprise your doctors and yourself in the best way.

Well atleast if worse comes to worse, you country will provide healthcare for you. Best of luck and I hope it's just false positive

Oh bother. Much wishes for health.

Chin up, dude, and stand vigilant. I really hope it's a false positive.

Damn that's rough CV. For what it's worth I'll be praying. And don't worry about writing man give yourself a break, you got a lot crap to deal with.

I will send ALL the Healing Thoughts I can to you My Friend.

My best wishes and hopes of recovery to you. :ajsleepy:

Yay for a country actually not destroying someone's life if they are sick!

Rough man..... Out of all cancers, thyroid is one of the more manageable ones. Even if it is abnormally aggressive, it is manageable. But any amount of cancer is not desired.

is cannbiis accessible in canda? heard that shit has some majorly positive benefits when dealing with cancers...... even studies claiming it has a compound that is actually poisonous to cancer cells. if it is accessible, go for it.

Cancer always takes away the good ones..

All my best to you CV, good luck! If you killed it once, you can kill it again!

Immunotherapy may be an option. I lost a brother in law this spring after they tried immunotherapy (also canada) with initial good indications but his cancer was just too agressive. Point is it should be an option and I understand it is very promising.
Good luck.

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