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I Manged To Fix My Computer · 12:54pm Jun 22nd, 2017

Thank you for all of the words of encouragement and advice. I was able to fix my computer. I downloaded Windows 10 onto a bootable USB flash drive. Then I went to the custom option when I was reinstalling the OS and I selected the option to backup my old hard drive into a folder called windows.old.

So now that the new Windows 10 is up and running, I am restoring all of my files by retrieving them from the windows.old folder.

This might take a while, but at least everything is up and running again.

Anyway, thank you for all of the support you guys showed me through this. It is very much appreciated. I love you all. :)

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Also, coincidentally, the hard drive for my first and oldest computer died a couple days ago while I was trying to back up the drive. Because it died halfway through the backup process I've now had to reinstall everything from scratch onto an old hard drive I fished out at a thrift store.

Though, I'm provably gonna get an SD to IDE adapter so that then next time I can literally pop the "hard drive" into a card reader and do everything without needing to haul up my external power supply and multitude of lobotomized adapters.

4579768 Aww that sucks. I hope that you will be able to back everything up successfully and transfer all of the data over to your new device.

Eh. The drive's dead for good. The hardest part is just reinstalling windows xp on 64 megs of ram without crashing. I've got all the other stuff on a locally hosted server that I just pull from.

4579816 Well it is good that you have the data backed up somewhere. :) It sucks that the drive is completely dead though. :(

That's for sure. All it does now is make a squeaky click sound about once a second. I suspect a horrible head crash from that one time I tipped the PC over on accident. Either way, I finished the text based portion of setup last night after restarting twice from corrupted DOS floppies. I REALLY should check which disks I have are good and which are bad.

That's a relief. :twilightsmile:

Nice. I'm sure that's a relief.

I hear it's been pretty unusually hot in Phoenix lately.

4579873 Yep, it is always good to check that things work before they are installed. I used to do custom PC/ laptop builds (for a while). I always tested the parts I put in the computers before I installed them.

4580035 It is indeed. I am very grateful that I was able to fix the problem. :)

4580124 It has been really hot! It was 120 degrees a few days in a row. T^T

4580180 Aww thank you very much, my friend. I am glad that I was able to fix it as well. :)

Originally the drive worked fine, and I even used it as a storage drive for a while before I migrated to a 1 terabyte drive for my main PC and repurposed the old drive for my builds.

Also, the laptop drive is annoyingly hard to make a backup image of on my main PC simply because the IDE to USB adapter I cobbled together from a dead external DVD drive doesn’t seem to recognize 2.5” laptop drives. (It works perfectly fine with standard 3.5” and CD/DVD drives.)

Yeah I heard it's been crazy. Like so hot a dog's paws would get burned if they walked on the sidewalk mid day.

4581516 Well, all computers have their own quirks. A lot of times you can work around them. But sometimes you are kind of stuck until you find out another way to fix the problem.

4581584 If you take animals for a walk in Phoenix during the summer, you actually have to put boots on their paws because if you don't, their paws will get burned.

I usually need a ton of help to fix my tech

4581889 I can usually figure out how to fix things when it comes to technology. Although there are some situations where the hardware is just a lost cause. :(

My computer once had a fried motherboard

Great to hear you got it fixed.

That's insane. How do you deal with the heat when you have to go out?

4581990 I had that problem with my first computer many years ago.

4582058 Thank you very much my friend. I am glad that I was able to fix it as well, :)

4582408 You kind of get used to it after a while. :p

DId you get a replacement or somehow fix it?

4584732 I fixed it but I still need to reinstall all of the programs.

4585653 Thank you very much, my friend. It is a long process but I am getting them reinstalled one by one. :)

4586569 I am doing pretty good, thank you.

How are things going with you?

Good to hear.

And okay I guess

4588301 I am glad to hear it. :)

4588944 You are very welcome.

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