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Snowflake Dissonance

Honestly, probably only here to read, and write, fanfiction about Sunset Shimmer and the Dazzlings. Also, canon is my clay and I shall shape it as I wish.

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  • 28 weeks
    I hate the flu

    I was working on a request, trying to fix it, and the next chapter for Compatibility and I fall freaking sick because my sleep schedule got messed up (through circumstances unrelated to the request and update). I just want one year where I can write uninhibited. I'm gonna take some meds and try to sleep it off for a few days.

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  • 38 weeks
    Inspiration Why?

    I am 10.5k words into a fic that's purely for self-gratification and yet I am:
    200 words into the next chapter of Divine Intervention,
    500 words into the next chapter of One and the Same Thing,
    1783 words into the next chapter of A Packed Crowd, and
    30 words into the next chapter of Compatibility
    Why is inspiration such a dick to me...

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  • 39 weeks
    Tomorrow is Christmas

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  • 119 weeks

    And it's fucking BEAUTIFUL!

    Just a heads up to everyone,
    I'm going to update One in the Same Thing, Divine Intervention, and Adagio Alicornus tomorrow. As well as post the first chapter of Dazzling Sunset: Compatibility. The next chapter for A Packed Crowd should be up this weekend. I know I've made you wait, so here they come!

    4 comments · 223 views
  • 124 weeks
    Where We Are

    Alright, so everyone is probably wondering where we are! Well, I'm happy to say that I am making progress with Dazzling Sunset: Compatibility now that I've figured out what each of the Sirens' dates should be. I also have a request or two coming in, but I'm not sure when enough chapters for a buffer will be done for either of them to be posted at present.

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On a Lighter Note · 8:03pm Jun 21st, 2017

I'm nearly finished with the next two chapters of One in the Same Thing.

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