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Look Under Your Chair · 7:07pm Jun 21st, 2017

...There's a little Dinky Hooves-centric post-episode flashfic under there!
Couldn't resist. Don't worry; it's less spoiler-y than the episode summary.

The door to the Doo household slowly, silently, slipped open. It stopped at almost exactly 8 inches ajar, just enough room to admit the diminutive unicorn behind it.

Dinky slipped through the gap and into the unlit front hall of her house, picking up her hooves so they didn't knock against the bottom of the door frame. Lithely, she slipped around and pushed the door closed, just as quietly as she had opened it. A careful application of telekinesis to the latch mechanism ensured that it closed with a soft click rather than a loud clunk.

Dinky let out a quiet breath and turned around. Before her lay the stairwell to freedom; a short journey up them and to her room, and her freedom was guaranteed.

And then the lights came on.


Dinky blinked hard against the sudden change in illumination. Once she could see again, she looked towards the sound of the voice.

"H-hi, mom..."

Ditzy Doo stood with one hoof on the light switch, her cross-eyed gaze holding nothing but disappointment.

"That's the third time this month, Dinky!"


Derpy's eyes narrowed. "It is only the third time, right?"

"Y-yeah! Totally!" Dinky stammered.

Ditzy sighed. "When was it this time?"

"I was just down the street, at Ruby's place—"

"Don't lie to me, Dinky; I can smell the ozone in your mane," Ditzy said. "When were you?"

"...About 80, 90 years ago."

Ditzy pressed her hoof to her forehead. "Dinky, I keep telling you—"

"But mom!" Dinky said, "I had to go! Applebloom was telling us a story about her parents during school today—"

"Yesterday, Dinky. It's past midnight!"

"—yesterday, and it was so sweet, and I just had to go and see it for myself!"

"And if Applebloom told you a neat story about jumping off a bridge, would you go back in time so you could try it too!?"

Dinky opened her mouth to retort, closed it, then opened it again a moment later. "Mom, I don't think that's entirely applicable—"

"Don't you 'entirely applicable' me, young filly! You're grounded for another month!"

"But mom, I was already grounded for—"

Ditzy stomped a hoof. "Two months, then! As long as it takes for you to understand that you can't just go galloping off into the timeline whenever you feel like it!"

"Why not!?" Dinky shouted. "I'm the most gifted time mage since Starswirl the Bearded! I would know, I've met him! I gave him pointers! Why shouldn't I use my magic?"

"Because you're just a filly!" Ditzy shouted back.

"If you count all the time I've spent in the past, I'm actually—"

"And you're my filly!" Ditzy interrupted. "Do you know how it felt to check in on you and see an empty bed? I almost had a heart attack!"

Dinky was about to retort, but then she noticed the tears forming in her mother's eyes.

"You have no idea what it's like to be here, waiting for you, not knowing when and where you've gone, when and where you're going to come back, what you're doing, if you're in danger..."

"Mom, I was only gone for ten minutes, from your perspective..."

"And what about from yours!?" Ditzy cried. "You could be gone for months, years! And I wouldn't even know! And what if—" she choked on a sob, "—w-what if someday you leave, and when you come back, you're n-not my little filly anymore?"

Dinky was rendered speechless.

"A-and what if... What if you never... you never..."

Ditzy broke down into tears, and Dinky was right there to catch her. They squeezed each other tight.

"I'll never leave you mom..." Dinky whispered into her mother's ear. "Never."

"I-I know, muffin. I know." Ditzy murmured. "But I worry anyway. You remind me so much of your father, sometimes..."

They stayed like that for a long time.

"So, am I...?"

"You're still grounded."

"Aw shucks."

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By turns hilarious and heartfelt. Thank you for a wonderful flash fic featuring my two favorite ponies.

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