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Hello all! I am a Pansexual brony from Indiana! I write, proofread, pre read and edit for anyone and I do sketch art to anyone who asks! My profile pic is my OC Waveform!

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  • 144 weeks
    No fap November.

    Welp. I lasted two days!

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  • 144 weeks

    My new story; Destiny Unfulfilled has launched! As soon as I get done with some homework I have to do I’m gonna start work on the 2nd chapter. Shouldn’t take long. Then I’ll put it through Feast and everything. It’ll be out in about a week or two.

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  • 145 weeks
    Announcing a new project of mine! The Pony Time Capsule Project!

    Attention Brony and Pegasisters alike! Have you ever wondered "Gee, I wonder if this fandom will still be alive in 20 years" Well wonder no further!

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  • 146 weeks
    Christ almighty has it been that long?

    Over a year since I updated Befriending a Prince. Holy shit. I should fix this!

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  • 149 weeks

    Since I finally have some free time on my hands I'm gonna take my stories out and revamp and improve them. Highly doubt anyone cares though. I only have like 3 people I know read my stories

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An announcement for anyone who cares about my life · 5:50pm Jun 20th, 2017

If all goes well, a week from today I will be officially swearing my life to the United States Navy and to protect it thereof. I won't be shipping out for another year or so, so not very much is going to change. Although I have a host of story ideas and OCs I'm never going to use so if anyone wants to know more just PM me.

As for my Account once I ship off for bootcamp, unless someone wants to take the reigns huehue my account will go dormant for 8 weeks or so.

I have no idea what the cutoff point for accounts are but since I don't know when after bootcamp I will have a chance to log on again hopefully I won't be deleted but we'll see.

Please PM me for any concerns, issues or questions

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