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A thirtysomething Brony from Pennsylvania with a library degree. I also have a Patreon.

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    Update (Without excuses this time!)

    Guess what? I'm done writing the next chapter of Manifesto.

    I just need to give my prereaders a day or two to look over it, and then it'll go up.

    Until then, here's Despacito being played on a guzheng.

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    Hey, everyone.

    I've somehow gotten out of the habit of posting updates. Oops.

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    Okay, so here's what's going on with me.

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How do I find these things? · 2:47am Jun 19th, 2017

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Love oneboredjeu! Make sure to find the Gravity Falls x The Killers mashup as well.

It's what I've been asking myself every day since the Fimfiction update. :trixieshiftleft:


How so? I haven't yet noticed any significant change in functionality as far as finding new stories goes.

(The related and group membership sidebars on stories are still there. All of the search/filter functionality I use is still there. The featured box and popular sidebar are still there... the only really major downside is that I have to work around a tendency for it to misinterpret my reading status as "still some left to read in this chapter" unless I go force the issue with the controls elsewhere on the site.)

EDIT: Well, OK. I will admit that I want to install a userscript to restore the more skimmable styling for the tags.

On my laptop the new site is just mildly annoying, but on mobile it's a mess. I can't see which groups a story is in, the account sidebar accidentally opens whenever I tap something too far to the left and then freezes halfway through closing half of the time so I can't see a quarter of the page. Not to mention a dozen other little annoyances that pop up every time I'd just forgotten about them.

If you ever find out, do please let me know.


Yes, I have that problem, too. I keep having to manually check off chapters as read now because they aren't registering automatically when I reach the end reliably anymore.


Drop by the bug tracker and give the initial post on Automatic bookmarks are unreliable a thumbs up.


Ahh. That makes sense. My mobile reading experience consists of using the "Download HTML" (OpenPandora) or "Download ePub" (Sony PRS-505) options before I walk out the door.

My reaction:
It is like somebody put Draiman to a musicbox...


That looks like I need to sign up for some kind of 'github account'.


True, but it's worth it.

1. All bug trackers require some sort of account. (If nothing else, for spam prevention.)

2. Aside from Mozilla (makers of Firefox and the Bugzilla bug tracker software), I've never run into a bug tracker where the site owners bothered to set up unified login, if it was an option (meaning you'd need separate accounts for "MyNeatSite" and for "MyNeatSite Bug Tracker").

3. GitHub is the most popular project hosting site by far.

Conclusion: One GitHub account gives you access to a lot of issue trackers.

(And, if you ever want to offer up an open-source programming project, or a free textbook, or any of the countless other things people have hosted on GitHub, a free account lets you host, share, and collaborate on projects as long as they're public. GitHub makes their money by charging for the ability to keep your hosted projects private.)

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