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Getting Your Pirene Hardcopy Signed + Pictures! · 6:14pm Jun 17th, 2017

Though I signed all of the original copies, the new print-on-demand copies obviously don't have my signature on them. So, if you want them signed, you'll need to find me!
If you already have a signed copy, you could... I dunno, get them double signed, if you're into that.

If you live in or are traveling to the Bay Area (counting Silicon Valley and San Francisco), I'd be more than happy to meet up with you, chat, grab lunch or dinner, and sign almost anything you put in front of me. I've even been known to let people take pictures of my feet (looking at you, Short Skirts and Explosions.)

If you are attending BronyCon this year in Baltimore, attend my panel! I will be one of three hosts (along with Wanderer D and GaPJaxie) on the Coming of Age writing panel - no idea what time it is yet. You could find me wandering about the floor, too.

And now, some pictures of the new edition:

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congrats on getting these printed! you must be very proud!

Pictures are broken.

I live in the Bay Area, do you know a town name Pacifica? That is where I live. It would be nice to talk to you about stories and what you are doing now. Can't wait to hear from you!

I'll definitely track you down come Bronycon... though I've already given my copy to my sister, since I know she'll love it. I'll have to see about getting her to return it for that weekend. :twilightblush:

Also, glad the pictures came in handy!

Motherfucker - why is Fimfiction's picture hosting so god-damned inconsistent!? I didn't even host those pictures myself :|

I super am!

Love to!

Lemme know how she likes it :D

Yay! Which day and time would be good for you to meet up on?

I'm available weekdays at lunch (starting at noon) and occasionally at dinner.

Ok, would either a Thursday or Tuesday work for you?

I hope this "lunch/dinner signing" deal thing is good for a while, it may be some time before I am in the bay area.

It's basically indefinite.

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