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Sometimes, I ask myself why I do the things I do. And then, I tell myself to shut up and do what I say. Follow me on my Twitter, @ChucklesDonovan.

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  • 141 weeks
    The Big Move

    I didn't plan on making this transition until Gilchrist had been fully written, three books and all. However, with what has happened, I decided it's better to just make the transition now. Gilchrist is no longer taking place in the 'My Little Pony' universe. I am currently drafting and building a new universe for him to have his adventures in. The main reason for this is, I want to make money off

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  • 157 weeks
    Gilchrist : Welcome to Ponyville (Sneak Peak)

    Impossible! Omega thought, yet he could not deny it. Wherever Alpha had gone, it was somewhere he could not see. If anyone of us was supposed to survive… It should’ve been Alpha. Am I all that remains? And then he stopped falling. Omega rested in a dark, cold place. Something reached out to him, something strong and cold. Its touch seemed to beckon to him, and he unwillingly opened

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  • 166 weeks
    Beta Readers Wanted

    As 'Gilchrist : Welcome to Ponyville' nears completion, I am going to begin revising it before it is published in full. When that happens, I'm going to want many people to provide feedback for me. I'm not looking for people to catch grammar errors or things of that nature, I'm looking for dialogue review and to be told what situations need to be clarified. If you're interested, PM me!

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  • 168 weeks
    Update to FIMFiction

    I want to say that I am ecstatic about this new update to FIMFiction! If anyone wasn't aware, I write my stories in Docs before moving them over to FIMFiction. Previously, when I had an italicized portion of text (e.g. Gilchrist thinking to himself), it wouldn't show up italicized in FIMFiction, so I would need to hunt down those little portions of text and put the correct tags on them so that

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  • 170 weeks


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