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Stocking Stuffer 6: An Immortal Genghis Khan with a vag · 4:27am Jun 15th, 2017

Journeyman: It's that time again.
Journeyman: It is Christmas.
Journeyman: Only intead of CHristmas it is Dadmas day.
Journeyman: How do we make Father's Day a massively day affair?
Journeyman: And gay affair.
Journeyman: Enough lesbian horses, let's bring out the dudes.
Journeyman: Fuck it, let's put it in EQG while we're at it.
Journeyman: ;_;

Pizor: Hey man I'm alive
Pizor: Sorry work has been a disaster
Pizor: Whats up?

Journeyman: Father's Day.
Journeyman: Up for another Stocking Stuffer?

Pizor: Might as well lol

Journeyman: If I couldn't catch ya by friday I was going to ahve to brainstorm myself and leave a dead horse in your bed or something.
Journeyman: Don't worry, it wouldn't be coco

Pizor: So what fetish barrels we scraping the bottom of this time?

Journeyman: I'm thinking we go EQG this time.
Journeyman: And since we normally do straight or lesbian, let us try something super gay.
Journeyman: The only idea I got is there's some sort of gay contest on who impregnate EQG's luna and tia
Journeyman: Sort of a super gay iron man contest. Best lover gets the prize

Pizor: Hmm not a bad idea. But eqg sort of limits the cast

Journeyman: We can make them all of age. Even the guys already Fathers.
Journeyman: Have a sub contest of youth vs. experience?

Pizor: Oh I figured that was gonna happen. But that leaves us with like flash sentry

Journeyman: If I have three horses spitroasting another dude and all they have to complain about is Flash Sentry, I'll step on their throat.
Journeyman: Even the lowest should be given a chance to rise above their station.

Pizor: Ahahah

Journeyman: Each gay horse must be given an equal chance.

Pizor: Okay so what like a Scott pilgrim situation
Pizor: Gotta bang principle Celestia and luna ex lovers to get with them?
Pizor: Whole school starts talking about it. Twilight gives him strategy advice on his foes

Journeyman: Have a sort of gay deathmatch where the work up th rnaks?
Journeyman: "Choose your weapon."
Journeyman: "I'll take the eggplant."

Pizor: Yeah that sounds legit XD

Journeyman: Holy shit I got it.
Journeyman: The sisters are goddesses or some shit
Journeyman: They've boned their way on and off again throughout time.
Journeyman: And Sci Twi finds out like half the town is related to them on some way or another.
Journeyman: Like an immortal Ghanghis Khans with a vag.

Pizor: Lol so flash has to save the gene pool?

Journeyman: Lol if I hadn't touched inbreeding after 5 episodes, I don't think either of us are equipped to start now.
Journeyman: What do you think of them having like a sex fest every othre century or something just to flaunt it? Old goddesses have to know all sorts of kinky shit after so long.

Pizor: That sounds like something they would do XD

Journeyman: "I haven't had a kid since Polytheism."

Pizor: Lol just keep making out dated references. "Oh look Luna, its like the time we showed them how to *insert witty quip here*"

Journeyman: "No, *I* invented the reverse cowgirl position."
Journeyman: Still feels like it's missing something to tie the room together.
Journeyman: We got quasi immortal goddesses.
Journeyman: SUper gay horse orgy
Journeyman: Gay horse bosses with a possibility of bullet hell.
Journeyman: Impregnation fetishes
Journeyman: Still needs something, it feels. Got any ideas?

Pizor: Hmm the glue, the core

Journeyman: Indeed.

Pizor: Science twilight's secret gambit to steal the sisters power? Using flash's unique genetics to weaken them?

Journeyman: Eh, feels a little too out of left field.

Pizor: Flash is also an ancient god?

Journeyman: Also, I'm not entirely convinced Flash should have a leading role quite yet.

Pizor: Well whoever it is lol

Journeyman: [REDACTED]

Pizor: Hahaha that would be hilarious

Journeyman: You're welcome.
Journeyman: I'll edit that out in post.
Journeyman: Keep it a surprise.

Pizor: Lol good idea
Pizor: Also I just read "bullet hell" in your description looool

Journeyman: I'll try to work that in
Journeyman: Somehow.
Journeyman: And an odd problem to have, but all pics that I can find are too gay, or not gay enough.

Pizor: A serious conundrum. Isnt it the current year? There should be loads of gay to choose from.
Pizor: But r34 and the lewd artists of tumblr must be distracted with the some Moe anime bs

Journeyman: The best I cna find.
Journeyman: https://derpicdn.net/img/2016/4/30/1142744/large.png
Journeyman: Got another one.
Journeyman: https://derpicdn.net/img/view/2013/10/3/440414__safe_artist-colon-redhotkick_big+macintosh_fancypants_prince+blueblood_shining+armor_soarin%27_ask+big+red+macintosh_badass_clothes_humanized_s.jpg

Pizor: the second one is much better
Pizor: fancy pants is a real OG
Pizor: I'm definitely gonna need to sleep on this one
Pizor: gotta get up early work....yaaaay
Pizor: Later man.
Pizor: Ill see if I can't find some buff pony men tomorrow when I get out
Pizor: there is a sentence I never thought I would say
Pizor: XD

Journeyman: Ilol, the webs we weave

Pizor: hahaha stay greezy Journeybro
Pizor: peace out for now

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Comments ( 4 )

Personally, I don't really have an interest in reading these stocking stuffers. But the planning chats, those are amusing to read.

It's not for everyone. In fact, I myself think they are not all that good in terms of quality (entertainment value is a different matter). I just like to make these because they're not all that good. Frankly, it's fun. Plot and characterization? Grammar and spell checking? Pfft, who needs them? It's a strange sort of liberation when you just dump what's in your brain on paper. Pizor and I are true bros. I'll do a lot for that scrub.


The men of Canterlot City have come together for a chance at glory: bedding the immortal sisters, but first they must defeat their past flings in sexual combat. Five ex-lovers. Two sisters. One ultimate prize.

That should be dumb enough of a tagline to work.

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