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I love anime. Hahaha. No real point in sharing anything else.

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    In addition, I am looking for an editor/proofreader to assist me.
    I love to write for the many readers here on FimFiction.
    Sadly, I am not the best writer.

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You Have That Friend? · 11:53pm Jun 12th, 2017

Hello everyone!

I'm in a bit of a situation and feel that I can give advice at the same time.

Firstly, I have this friend who has had a rough life so far. She is one of those friends where she seems happy around her friends and possibly family members, but in reality, she has been hurt so bad that she is very depressed. I tried to talk to her the usual way, but eventually things got out of hand. It was one of those situations where you are talking to them by text and you misunderstand the message when you are imagining their emotions. I found out a lot of things during this talk and I just felt so horrible. I didn't know she did certain things to herself and I made it worse with some comments. I feel awful and right now, I don't know how our friendship is. I hope we can be friends and I want to continue to help her in anyway that I can.

As for the second thing, here is some advice (helpful or not it is up to you). You want to help them in anyway you can, but sometimes the situation seems hopeless. Many things can happen when you're with this friend. You yourself can get depressed, maybe get frustrated, or possibly... that friend might be on the brink of suicide. All I can say, is that you don't make the mistakes I did. Try not to loose your cool, be patient and stay on track with the current subject. Don't bring other things to the subject, or it may get worse.

A true true friend helps a friend in need.

Report TheAnimerican · 75 views · #Friend #Help
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