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EQG Shorts: Dance Magic, Movie Magic, Mirror Magic - Impressions · 12:59am Jun 12th, 2017

Well, EQD had a post of the EQG shorts, in English!

And as such, I watched them. I will not, however, be doing anything in-depth. Why, do you ask. Because I'm lazy.

Anyway, beware of spoilers below the break.

Dance Magic

This is a prime example of having too little story, too much time. The first eight minutes were great, then it was seven-or-so for Rarity to whine and complain like a two-year-old about how nothing comes easily to her, then another five that were amazing... three of which was singing one of my favorite EQG songs. Yeah. Except for that song, I didn't like this so much. 1/5 stars on Loganberry's scale. (You'll have to ask him for a description of those stars, I've forgotten).

Movie Magic

For this one, I enjoyed it. I just wish it hadn't been so predictable. Like, seven minutes in the antagonist says she wanted to be Daring Do, but was not able to. Then all the facts point to the actual Daring Do actor, which obviously means it wasn't her. And then, after nine minutes of blundering on the main seven's part, we find out we were right all along as to who the villain was. 2/5 stars on Loganberry's scale. (He should be around here sometime).

Mirror Magic

What in Luna's cutie-mark is this madness? I love the concept so, so, so, so, etc. much. It just REALLY needed double the time. This, right here, is what happens when you have brilliant writers who come up with amazing ideas, but don't have enough time to use them well. And I am sad because of it. Like, it was good, but then that rushed redemption out of nowhere just ruined it. Still, 3/5 stars on Loganberry's scale.

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Comments ( 2 )

I have to ask... if you can't remember how I define my star ratings, how do you know which ones to use here? :rainbowwild:

But in general, this is what I do with stories:

1: I actively dislike this. Anything from really irritating to appallingly written.
2: Passes the time. I'll read it, but I doubt I'll remember it for long.
3: That was fun/enjoyable/made me laugh. Nothing special, but above run-of-the-mill level.
4: This story was great. Will probably get a fave from me on here. Will watch out for the author.
5: Absolutely blew me away. A story I'm likely to pester everyone to read.

Because I had an understanding on a rudimentary level, but couldn't think of how to articulate them.

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