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Batpony slayers, part one · 4:52am Jun 11th, 2017

The bat ponies... the thestrals are the most mysterious and feared equine sub-race on the surface of this world. Being far stronger and more viscous than Pegasus ponies, these fanged fiends reign terror on other ponies of the equine kingdoms. Appearing in the darkness to strike at unsuspecting pony towns and villages , they have been known to steal a community’s whole crop, using the fear they invoke to scare the village ponies into allowing them to make off with the food they need to survive.

Any ponies who resist are brutally murdered, killed in violent ways to intimidate other ponies into not fighting or resisting their attacks. They are small bands, attacking during the night to take what they want, then vanishing before any military force can retaliate, leaving ponies afraid when they would strike again. These bat ponies were once the friends of the rest of ponydom- even serving as Princess Luna’s soldiers and guards. But they went wild after the alicorn’s death, becoming the enemies of all of Ponykind.

But even worse... these bat monsters have truly become the vampire pony monsters of legend. They have found a new way to nourish themselves, biting the throats of other ponies, and sucking them dry of all their blood. True, they can't turn other ponies into bat ponies- they aren't really vampires, after all. But they still have left dozens of pony families slain, drained of all their bodily fluids. Whole pony families are afraid to go out at night.

And these bat ponies, they have formed foul nests all over the pony lands. Even without the ability to convert other ponies to their kind, these monsters reproduce like rabbits, replenishing their numbers faster than pony armies can deal with them. They are stronger than earth ponies, better flyers than Pegasus, and they can outrun a unicorn's magical might The sunlight is they only thing these creatures fear; it burns their coat and eyes, and too much prolonged exposure will burn them away to dust. The daytime is the only thing that holds the batponies back from causing even more devastation.

Equestria may be trying to maker peace with these murderous brigands, but Ponyland will not tolerate their bloodlust in our lands. For that reason, the princess ponies created our order- a sacred sisterhood of Paladins, who are infused with the holy magic of the light itself. We are a secret order, who have hunted these monsters back to their lairs, slaying them by the thousands. We have burnt, staked, and beheaded batponies for five hundred years, our rigorous martial arts and slayer training making us ready for all their tricks and traps.

The holy power within our very bodies makes our manes and tails change color in the sunlight. And the batponies know of us and feel feel fear in their hearts. We are the protectors of ponydom from the unholy scourge, and our order of mares has been the salvation for many villages on the border with Equestria, keep them safe from these thestrals. We are the sunshine ponies, and I am their captain, Sunny Shoreline, And this... is our story.

to be continued...

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Comments ( 4 )

Yay! Blood libel! :yay:

(Actually no, not this time. In my universe they have degenerated, and become full-on true nosferatu. They really do suck blood and kill ponies)

I'm getting some Warhammer Witch hunter vibes off these girls.

If it wasn't for the reports I would be wondering if this was just propaganda, and does explain why First Sergeant Edelweiss has been getting terrified and heated looks. A Noctural walking during the day?


Vell I am use to it, history wasn't kind to the clans back home either.
-1stSgt Edelweiss von Noriker

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