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2% of FimFiction read, only 98% to go! I'm trying hard to comment more, feel free to reply no matter how old the comment!

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    BronyCon 2019

    Umm, I'll be there. That's all.

    (I'm actually super excited to see some people that I haven't seen since I was there a couple years ago! :pinkiehappy:)

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  • 140 weeks
    Pumpkin Tempest is Really Passive Agressive

    I was pretty dang proud of my Tempest Shadow pumpkin this year. The trick-or-treaters loved it.

    When I came home from school I found it smashed. I suspected the idiot kid from downstairs (we rent out our basement), and footprint analysis confirmed my suspicions. (We had our first snowfall yesterday.)

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    Pumpkin 2017

    Open up your eyes!

    See the world, from where I yam!

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    A Token Post-BronyCon Blog Post

    BronyCon was amazing. Simple.

    I've wanted to go for some time, but never before has it been possible. The fact that my (ongoing) road trip put me in the right part of the country at the right time is one of the best things to happen on this trip so far.

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    BronyCon? Maybe, help me decide!

    So I just realized that BronyCon is next weekend. Normally I don't take much notice, because I don't live anywhere close to nearby. However, my ongoing road trip puts me in Rhode Island this week, much closer than my usual 2000 km away.

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Adventure Awaits! Road Trip · 12:06am Jun 11th, 2017

There's a good chance that I'm not going to be on the site much for awhile. Why? Road trip! Tomorrow morning I'm leaving on what should be a two-month, 15,000 km road trip across the US and Canada. The main purpose of the trip is to visit family in St. Louis, but there's nothing saying I can't drive so much more. I'm hoping to do a loop through the southeast to visit the few States that I'm missing in that area: South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Then on the return, I'm planning on heading up through New England to Quebec and back to Alberta along the Trans Canada.

There are so many things to see, and people to visit! I travel with my Cherry Jubilee plush, with her acting as a sort of selfie stand-in for me. If you want to see where we're going, I'll slowly be posting pictures to her Twitter:

Cherry's Twitter

Now here's hoping that I return to a hundred new chapters on stories I've been following when I get back!

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Comments ( 3 )

Mmm. Road trip. Me and my buddy have been planning one for... 3 years? We keep going in and out of contact so it has yet to happen.

Hope you have fun. Missouri isn't nice this time of year, though...

Call that friend and make it happen! Though actually, nothing will test a friendship quite like a road trip. I much prefer going on solo adventures.

And you're right about Missouri. Thankfully it's not quite as got as it could be right now, because part of the work I'm doing for my mom involves crawling around in the attic. (Actually I'm waiting for the morning. I'm pretty sure I would pass out if I tried going up there in the day.) It's worth it to visit family though.

Yeah, there have been a few complications. We had everything ready one year but he broke his leg... or back. I forget. Never been on a road trip, though.

Yeah, summer attic work is miserable. But you're doing it to help family, so it's worth it.

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