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Points of Canon à la Oliver: Equestria Girls 1 · 6:10pm Jun 10th, 2017

Finally bit the bullet and watched this. Here are some notes about the things that happened.

Technology!mechanics∃there existsSceneryAbility♪I heard… Magic.
Chiropteral notes (lit. hand-wing) or other anthropomorphism…and trouble with hands.Animation oddments,visual interest Interaction with 'later'.Chronology note. ❧uncategorized.

That moon looks nonfull.
❧So…three-star mystical moon conjunction every 30 moons?
Crystal guards are crystal; cf. "The Crystalling" opaques.
♪"very first Princess summit"
♪Transformer Pinkie.
Element of Magic
Hornlight beamfocus. Looks like a spell-effect rather than helmet-augment.
Sunset teleport (short-range)…and out of cloak?
♪"One of Equestria's most important means of defense"
❧❧Say, where's Shining Armor, anyway?
…not: ♪"no power to defend themselves"
♪"[you all] going would upset the balance"

On the other side of the mirror, in Pedestria…

That moon looks nonfull on this side, too.
❧❧Mirror functions on interdimensional astronomical conjunction, perhaps?
Mirror previews transformation for going back (see a hoof through, here) but not the one TO Pedestria.
❧The big one: Twilight has trouble with bipedal motion. She's no Pinkie, for sure…but this means
The mirror does not impart/replace full muscle memory, though it clearly gives some that Twi can do much of anything but crawl.
Twilight has hand-waving freak-outery. Uh. She's seen Iron Will, Spike is a dextrous character…pretty sure gryphons are too.
Incidentally, "fist" is chosen as the "default" position, initially, for her fingers. This makes thematic and symbolic sense more than anatomical.
Spike, meanwhile, has always been equally comfortable as quadruped…and can still grip things with his paws as a dog.
∃Smartphones (w/video cameras, text messages), laptops, flatscreens, Internet, e-mail, online videos, tablet computers, and apparently wireless monitors.
❧❧Photo-manipulation software, however, does not.
♪Twilight knows "everybody"…and knows, even if she practically never implements it else, that "everypony" is bad to use in a setting where nobody's a pony. Suspicious.
♪Sunset still uses "set hoof" referring to Twilight. Old habits die hard or she's a lot more careful (aside from Wily Behind your Back troping) about using the right words for the right realm. I'm happy she didn't misspeak and say "step hoof".
Cutie-mark clothing.
❧Twilight thrown by school not being a castle. What? Didn't she go to CSGU?
Mac isn't red. ⛧Probably the safest to assume a Doylist explanation for of elements, avoiding race backlash for red skin (see also: VP Luna)
❧Strange cafeteria mode, picking up finished dishes and then getting an apple set on your tray by lunchlady Smith.
❧❧Twi is implied to eat a hamburger.
❧❧Those are big portions.
Those napkins do wonders on that salad-dressing stain.
❧Twilight seems new to the idea of a "yearbook"…given how she explains to Spike. I feel like Oliver's seen evidence of why this is problematic, but can't recall it immediately.
❧…but not "school pride". Strange, those concepts kinda go together …here.
❧Did Spike make that bookbed?
❧❧Twilight's rather used to sleeping on books. Odd.
❧❧Why not use a paperback for the …oh, open book.
❧❧❧Why is Twilight permitting such abuse of books?
❧Twilight is thrown by video playback of "the day before". This is quite strange, because Princess Twilight necessarily occurs after "Magic Duel"…in which Trixie demonstrates a video playback spell of what must be much longer than one day ago.
❧Twilight is then not thrown by the idea of "texts" and "e-mails"…but then, she's spent the whole day researching, so she might have figured out a few things.
RD is super-flexible.
Also wearing a skirt for sports. I would not have expected this.
❧Flash Sentry doesn't replace Twi's drink. Rude-ish…but doesn't demand anything either, so eh.
❧Oats are not heard of in Sugarcube Corner. Must not be a smoothie-place; you could probably get some there? I think?
pony-ears and tails as school paraphernalia. Ear hairbands are heard of here… belt-on tails nowhere near as common?
❧❧If they're comfortable having tails attached, why does the magic apply to their hair rather than adding tail? ⛧Tails under skirts have modesty issues, shall we say.
√♥ as a not-cutie-mark. I'm not sure whether this is to be for or against analysis of love.
❧So whose dress store is this, if Rarity's a minor and nobody else is in sight…?
Fluttershy has her animals comb her hair. She claims not to be able to understand them, but can clearly make herself understood.
$$$Changing the night of the prom Fall Formal and then changing it back should have some serious concerns for suit rentals, limo bookings…
$$$Who booked that ultrastretch limo?
$$$Flash has a sports car. It's pretty unquestionably his, given the emblem.
He also drives it up going the opposite way in the driveway. Uh.
Scootaloo does the chickendance.
Oh hey, dark-magic glow, except without any of the purple or green, just black.
❧"Teenage army"…has so many problems.
❧❧They may be adults (given how Twi was made a teen) but
❧❧actually, if "from Equestria" is "new-native similar form" and "to Equestria" is "change back" they would just be teenager humans still. Could still just be the same operation both ways, though…depends how the mirror's programmed.
❧❧They won't know how to walk on all fours well.
❧❧won't be able to fly nor use magic…unless the mind-control is micromanaging.
Element of Magic seems to be the Element of Friendship and will not betray its owner.
Ponying up changes ears, adds wings to pterippus-analogues…but no horns. 'Tails' are just hair extensions with an extra scrunchie to make 'ponytail'.
The Magic of Harmony normally invoked by the Elements is in tornado mode just like in the pilot. A bit more-so than then, even.
In dispelling mind-control, it uses a graph-tree contagion or "chain-lightning"-like targeting mode, that does not redundantly hit anyone (making a cycle).
Song frames three intersecting ships: RD/AJ, RD/Pinkie, Pinkie/Fluttershy.
❧RD hovers everywhere just about as soon as she gets them. She truly is a natural flier, having little confusion about these new appendages.
❧She also is affectionate toward Scootaloo…who loves being taken flying.
Twilight does the same dorky dance she did in "Sweet and Elite". It's still quadrupedal. It's a terrible idea when wearing a short-skirted dress like that.
❧❧She lacks the modesty socialization of Pedestrians…or they haven't got any, as nobody's making anything of it.
❧❧Flash is willing to do that dance alongside her. This is very brave/devoted, to be willing to look dorky in front of high school students. But then, he's in the band.

Sunset's Abilities

  • Sunset knows the art of 壁ドン¹
  • Personal weakness manipulation/Discordian sense: paints AJ a liar, RD disloyal, Pinkie excessive, bulls over Fluttershy and paints her unkind…
  • Can pop balloons with fingers
  • Skilled physical photomanipulator (or, more likely, Snips did it using scissors talent)
  • Sledgehammer-wielding. She's pretty strong.

She also hacked together /puzzled out how to use just one Element to magical-girl transform, in advance of Rainbow Power. One of those PhD-level applications like Starlight's time-travel spell, I daresay, given the extreme power boost.

Demon Sunset's abilities/magic

  • Holey-winged Flight
  • Scale-up
  • Claws
  • Throwing sun-like fireballs
  • Scrunching a few tons of concrete+glass and moving it aside with telekinesis
  • Mind-control

¹ (n./v.) 1. slamming one's hand into the wall in front of somebody (e.g. to stop them from leaving;

Pedestria Pinkie's Abilities

(there're lots)

  • Picks off and inflates a balloon from her dress.
  • Can horror-movie-slasher transit when offscreen.
  • Floats with a lung-inflated balloon, singular.
  • Stores things in her mane (and yes, hair that poofy still terms 'mane' even on human)
  • Uses her hair as a broom (yuck!)…static cling strong?
  • has pierced ears?
  • Can re-poof from Pinkamena straight to Pinkie puff
  • Can sustain hairstyles that are more topiary-appropriate (swan)
  • Ridiculously-accurate hunch (shared with Equestria Pinkie)

However, she explicitly lacks (but has conceived of…) a party cannon. Which, as EquestriaPinkie demos, really can decorate instantly.

❧Twi left Sunset in Pedestria. That's not nice.
Pedestria :derpyderp2: has fourth-wall powers, what with showing up dancing in the credits.

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