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This is why I take so long to read stories I add to my shelves · 12:45am Jun 10th, 2017

I have five shelves for varying levels of when stories will be read. See below the break for the names, descriptions, and an analysis.

  • Read It Later-Incomplete = Any and all incomplete stories.
    +Word count: 30, 446, 695.
    +Estimated reading time: 12 weeks.

  • Read It Later = Basic read it later shelf. Pretty much everything I find goes here.
    +Word Count: 75, 853, 391.
    +Estimated reading time: 30 weeks.

  • Read It Sooner = Old stories from Read It Later, stories from contests, and stories I predict I will enjoy go here.
    +Word count: 16, 395, 776.
    +Estimated reading time: 6 weeks.

  • Active Stories = The stories I am actively reading/ have started reading.
    +Word count: 1, 278, 505.
    +Estimated reading time: 3 days.

  • Hiatus/ Cancelled Stuff = Anything on hiatus or has been cancelled.
    +Word count: 3, 114, 369.
    +Estimated reading time: 1 week.

Okay, so now we have that, let's add them together.
+Word count: 127, 088, 736. If I count only complete stories, 93, 527, 672
+Estimated reading time: 49 weeks, 3 days. Or, roughly 1 and two-thirds months. If I count only complete stories, 36 weeks 3 days. And this reading time is if I am reading at a constant pace without stopping.

So, assuming I add your story to Read It Later, then that's 93.5 million words I have to get through before yours. Also known as 36 weeks worth of reading. But, since I cannot read 24/7, that's 3 years worth of reading. 3 years. And that's still 4.5 hours every single day. This is, of course, assuming I do not find other stories within that time period I wish to read immediately, which often happens.

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Oh, I'm not even going to *think* about opening my read it later list and figuring out how long it would take to finish. Heat death of the universe, I suppose.

I would do it for you, except I sadly cannot :(.

I have a question. How do you select stories to review?

I have this shelf called Need to Review, and I browse the stories in the second half of it until I find one to review. I pick them based on how much time left before midnight, how I'm feeling at the time, who the author is (I don't want to focus on only one for too long), and their content/ how well I remember them. However, if a story is requested of me, then I will get said story done as soon as I possibly can.

If you would like more useful information on my reviews, check out the second blog post (labeled "My Reviews") on my userpage. If you think of something I should add to it, then please, share your idea.

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