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    On the Study and Application of Advanced Carnal Magic

    Strange how the similar section on fimfiction and the stories within already know what I am publishing, given their recommendations.

    I will have a new story up tomorrow! One of three planned for the immediate future. I'll likely have to post it while I am at work, as I am mentally enslaved to post stories at a very specific time in the day. I've titled this blog post--

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    They Always Come Back...

    This is... a little awkward.

    For the sake of being concise, I am going to try and keep this blog short short, which is not something I am very good at doing. I don’t talk at all in real life, and on the internet I talk far too much.

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    And Now Her Watch Has Ended

    See you, Space Cowgirl.

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    I have no idea what I’m doing right now.

    The cavalcade of thoughts I’ve gone through in the last hour were as varied as the types of sand. Pipe wrenches, garbage, books, family, screaming, job searching, Dunbar’s number, grilling, cats, soul-crushing apathy and anxiety, debts, arguments, swearing. A lot of things in a short amount of time.

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  • 158 weeks
    It's not a question of whether I should. It will.

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Milestone Activated · 7:14am Jun 9th, 2017


I was somewhere around five hundred something during easter. Damn, that number really shot up in no time at all! Thanks for all teh love everyone!

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Comments ( 4 )

Congrats!! I’m getting close to 200 myself..

Watching that gif while listening to The Caroleans Prayer. Oh my god.

Ah, Spoony...

I miss him

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