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    I'm Basically Indiana Jones Now

    Well I wasn't eaten by space monkeys, in case anyone was wondering.

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    My Original Art: Pond And Garden Landscape

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I Want To Make Some Mermaid Fairy Gardens · 9:51pm Jun 7th, 2017

Comments ( 31 )

OK. Looks nice. As someone that lives on a Tropical Island with a large sea port. I see these things often. They have their charm.

4563652 You are lucky! I wish that I lived by the beach as well. :applecry:

4563670 Eh...I don't see anything.

Drat. It escaped. Forget it.

4566365 I thought so as well. :)

How long does it take to make these things?

4568312 It depends on how complicated it is. But if you are making one where you just assemble objects in a box or something, it usually takes a couple of hours.

Would you get a simple one or a complex one?

4569782 I would probably make a homemade one, like from scratch. A lot of people do it that way. :)

4570286 It would depend on the size of the container that I would use.

4570373 I am doing good. How are things going with you?

Good to hear. And things are good for me as well

4570407 I am glad to hear it, my friend. :)

4570659 You are very welcome, my friend. :)

This blog is old but i want to say this, those things are disturbing as hell.

4581652 What is disturbing about them? :rainbowlaugh:

4582294 Interesting. I will have to make my mermaid garden look cute. :)

4584915 I will make less creepy mermaids. :p


I doubt it these things creepy as hell.....

4585860 Well, to each their own. :P

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