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Songs for characters. · 9:00pm Jun 7th, 2017

Heya readers,

I did a song post quite some time ago for the Wheel and the Butterfly, and have thought of a handful more based on characters who I tend to use a lot when I write.

Going the Distance - Cake: Used this for Debra Hart and the Doctor in The Destroyer and Her Doctor. Which is a reminder that I should get back to that which is a reminder that I still have a heap of things to get back to... fun, fun.

Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) – My Chemical Romance: Starlight Glimmer Vs. Murder Storm from Sunset Shimmer is MAD About Everything.

Woman – Wolfmother – Sunset Shimmer (& Spike) Vs. Deah Iceberg also from MAD. Felt the song fitted for whatever reason.

Destroya – My Chemical Romance: A song for Starlight. Felt the lyrics work given her past for whatever reason.

Learn to Live With What You Are – Ben Folds: A powerful song that likely works for many reformed/reforming characters, though I feel it works with Trixie the most. Trixie is not likely to change much and I think she’s a better character for it. Sure, she’s made plenty of mistakes, but I feel Trixie punishes herself internally for them more than anyone else (excluding times when she doesn't realize she’s done anything wrong). Trixie shines the most when she’s simply in love with herself. Sure this annoys some and can ‘cause trouble, but she’s one of the few former antagonists who can still just be themselves and not ‘cause some huge catastrophe... usually.

People Say – Portugal the Man: A song for Sunset Shimmer. I kinda like the idea of this applying to different stages of her life. Like, EqG 1 up through what I have in MAD.

Teenagers – My Chemical Romance: Either a song for Sunset or for my Equestria Girl stuff in general. You’d be hard pressed to find any well-adjusted teens/ Equestrians turned to teens here.

Father and Sons – Cat Stevens I was tempted to link this for chapter 21 of MAD while Sunset talked about things with Celestia, but felt people might think I was ripping off Guardians of the Galaxy with all the ripping off of Guardians of the Galaxy I’d be doing. Though, it’s usage would be tweaked slightly with some of the ‘father bits’ going to Sunset oddly enough.

Still Fighting It – Ben Folds: Another song for Sunset and Celestia... just replace every instance of ‘son’ with ‘sun’ and it’s a really fitting piece for these two.

Stupid Girl - Cold: This is a great song for Sonata Dusk. I wish I had remembered about it back when I did my other song post because it’s so much better for her than ‘The Dumb Song’. Which, while funny, offers little insight into Sonata’s character. Loyal readers might remember that I also did ‘Blue Orchard’ by The White Stripes in Love Call of the Sirens, though I’m hesitant to call too much attention that as I honestly feel that song is more Rainbow Dash’s and have intentions of using it as such elsewhere...

Now – Paramore : Song used in Love Call for Aria Blaze. I really like this song with Aria, yeah... fight me IRL, n00b.

Celebrity Skin – Hole: Another song for Aria. I can’t help but think of her every time I listen to it.

Laid – Matt Nathanson: This one is Adagio Dazzle all over. Fun with somewhat unnerving lyrics about sex and an obsessive relationship. Also used in Love Call.

Bad Romance – Lady Gaga: Another song for Adagio. Hell, less a song and more Adagio’s anthem.

Song #2 – Blur Pinkie Pie! I feel the lyrics suit her, even if the tune is perhaps a bit more punk-rock for our bubbly pink pony... On the other hoof...

Honorable mentions that don’t quite work:

Roll Away Your Stone – Mumford and Sons : Thought about this and one or two Mumford and Sons songs for Applejack, but like... Nothing quite fits. This specific one might work if I ever see or write about Applejack have a big moment of change in her life or tribulation she overcomes, but as it stands it’s sort of more fitting for Sunset or Starlight.

Light ‘em Up X Radioactive Mash-up – Fall Out Boy & Imagine Dragons: I really want to think of this as a Spike theme for probably obvious reasons, but the lyrics from either song don’t really fit in any situation. :moustache:

Also, I still have no songs for pretty much any of the mane six, except for Pinkie and Rainbow Dash as mentioned above. Other characters I wished I had songs for include Flash, Luna, more for the Doctor and D.H., and Spike... especially Spike.

Suggestions, alternative suggestions, and comments welcome!

Comments ( 12 )

I feel like if somebody goes the over the top self-loving and comedic arrogance route for the character of Trixie that the song “Can’t Keep Johnny Down” by They Might Be Giants really works.

Any songs for sweetie and/or button


I don’t have any off the top of my head, but those two certainly have earned one... One each AND one for the both, honestly.


Heh. On that note, her song from another fic I do was “I’m On a Plane” by Nirvana.

Ooh. Flash, Luna, and Spike are hard ones.

Starlight by Muse could work for Luna.

Flash and Spike im not sure.


Starlight by Muse IS a really good choice for Luna.

Im currently digging through my music Library, so far negative on the other three, but
Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day works for Luna as well.


Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode for Luna
Brain Stew by Green Day i can imagine for say Twilight overworking herself or something.
Just by Radiohead could work for Sunset, Starlight, or Trixie
That's all i can find.

I think Flash’s song has to be ‘Rockin’ the Suburbs’ by Ben Folds... I’m actually really sorry I didn’t think of that sooner. :rainbowlaugh:

Are you going to have him just completely, anticlimactically snap? Cause while the song fits, those lyrics are for someone that is rather upset.

You raise a good point. I mean... Because of his connection to Sunset, Flash often gets wrapped up in shenanigans with the girls, but as the only dude amongst all these hot girls, he may not have a ton to be mad about (except when he’s driving and the shenanigans inside his car might get everyone killed).

Then again, all though he is certainly WAY more receptive to Adagio’s shenanigans than say Sunset, none of that really brings him closer to a REAL relationship with anyone which seems to be what he’s after in the movies. So, the song might capture his impotent rage quite nicely. :derpytongue2:

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