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I haven't done a blog post in forever! · 7:59am Oct 6th, 2012

Finally this fucking week is over... Three Exams and a slightly embarrassingly unprepared presentation behind me as well as a forced short-story that I get to have workshopped on Tuesday x.x On top of the three stories I get to read and workshop for everyone else... yay. Guess who doesn't feel like writing jack shit tonight?

Moral of this blog post is: My motivation's shot, sorry to everyone but don't expect any new chapters in anything for a little while... Gotta recuperate from this flood of stress.

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Comments ( 11 )

no prob. recharge your batteries, we can wait... :twilightsmile:

i'm loving Faith and Doubt right now...

We have all been there. Take some time for yourself, and here is hoping those exams went well.

Sammy! You haven't died from overworking syndrome! I'll wait until you have gotten more energy before I start bothering you again.:twilightsmile:

That's life, sadly. :/
Take your time, charge up, and write when you feel like it. We ain't going anywhere. =3

Meh, I know how you feel. i used "editing" as my excuse (and told them how EXHAUSTED I was). I'm just glad that I found editors, so I'm not a liar anymore.:ajsmug:

just take it slow like I've been tellin ya x.x you're gonna work urself to death at this rate T.T

>I haven't done a blog post in forever!
False. Your most recent blog post before this one was posted on the 30th of August.

406143 Yeah I know. I was there :rainbowlaugh:

Hey dude its cool, life happens and as you can see we'll still be there when ya get back. :twilightsmile:

Okie dokie lokie, take yer time! =)

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