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Just got back from "Wonder Woman" · 2:51am Jun 6th, 2017

It’s official: DC got good!

This movie was leagues better than anything they’ve cobbled together since the Dark Knight movies! Great action, great emotion, great storytelling, great visuals, great characters, great comedy, great drama, and a wonderful portrayal of Diana. I am head-over-heels in love with Gal Gadot! :heart::heart::heart:

This is what DC should have been doing all this time. This is the quintessential DC superhero movie, and will be as much a staple of the medium as “The Dark Knight” was for Batman. And as big a Marvel fan as I am, this movie easily outclasses half of the MCU.

It’s not quite “Civil War” level, but that’s a tough act to beat.

And not to bring up gender politics into the mix, but if you are a woman, you owe it to yourself to see this movie. Go see it, buy it, rent it, whatever! Not only is this the DCCU’s first true hit, but it’s Wonder Woman’s first live-action film portrayal. And it does everything so right! Everything just comes together so well, and it never once makes Diana’s sex a major problem in the film. Sure, since it’s set in WWI, it is pointed out a lot, but it is not made a defining feature of the film. So it exists, and excels, on it’s own merits!

And that twist at the end was one even I didn’t see coming!

The only down side I can really think of is that they get a little nuts with the slo-mo camera in a lot of scenes, and it gets really distracting.

Especially when you consider that many of them take place in action sequences with Amazons in skirts jumping and flipping and not caring that we can see . . . well . . . everything.


But it’s still strategically placed, so if you can ignore that, the movie is perfect.

If you are a DC fan, or a superhero fan, or an action movie fan, or a fan of period pieces, or even if you are a woman with no loyalties to comics one way or another, I strongly urge you to see this movie.

I am so happy that they got Wonder Woman right on the first try. It took 76 years, but it was well worth it! Instant favorite, instant classic!

Comments ( 12 )

As a lifelong DC fan, I’m just happy Wonder Woman finally has her own movie. And a good movie, too.

Right? I’ve been a fan of Batman all my life, but it’s nice to finally have an excellent movie dedicated to the First Lady of comic book superheroes!

It’s just times like these I wish Warner Bros/DC took more risks regarding their characters. I love Batman and Superman, but DC has an entire library of over a thousand characters and storylines that are just begging to be made into movies. So far, Wonder Woman was a good start, despite some... ahem, bumps along the way (you know what I mean).

Indeed, this makes up for what we got in BVS and Suicide Squad.

Personally, I found a young Diana so cute.

Totes adorbs. :pinkiehappy:

“Hello, Mother. How are you today?”

The thing is, I thought Man of Steel was a fairly decent movie. It wasn’t a great movie, but it was okay despite its flaws. I hated the theatrical version of BvS, but the director’s cut raised it to slightly-above average, but the problems I had with it are still there, like its direction, writing, overly serious tone, characterization, and Henry Cavill not having enough lines. Suicide Squad was disappointing.

I apologize for my rant. I’m really passionate about DC, and a good movie is all I want from them.

I’ll have to watch it then.

Please do. Believe me, it is well worth your time. :pinkiesmile:

A DC movie that’s... *GASP* Good!? I’ll have to c heck it out then.

I’ll see it next time I go to a theater.

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