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To all who had read my stories before, I deeply apologize for not publishing a chapter after a couple years. My mental state has not really been the best, and I lost inspiration.

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A Dream Come True (A Wonderbolt Fanfiction) · 9:28pm Jun 5th, 2017

A Dream Come True (A Wonderbolt Fanfiction)

Tags: Adventure - Random

I know this a new story I released a couple weeks ago, but this story is still in development. When it comes to writing chapters for A Dream Come True, I lose inspiration real easily. For me being a slow writer, I end up updating chapters late. I only have the opportunity to publish a chapter once a week. To those who may have added this story to their read it later library, I’m grateful. But, I’m always scared to let readers down. So, I try to update chapters more often, which ends up tiring me out after that. But, I’m really a non-stop writer when I need to be.

A Dream Come True features the founding members of the wonderbolts, aside from my OC Thundershine.
Also features:
- Soarin
- Spitfire
- Rainbow Dash
- OC
- Other characters as well

To some, it’s an interesting story. But, I’m still an intermediate writer, I’m no beginner though.

Sorry for letting you readers down.

Best regards,
Sango-Blazer Skies

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Comments ( 3 )

You aren’t letting anyone down! Remember, quality is better than quantity, so even if you don’t update one week that’s fine, because as a reader, I like well written story’s that may not update often better than okay stories that get new chapters often. You don’t have to stick to a schedule, sure it’s nice when stories get updated often, but schedules stress you out. And if you’re stressed, you can tell in the writing.

Thanks for the reassurance.

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