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  • 1 week
    Opposite Pokemon universe

    A world of opposites but in Pokemon, all pokemon have opposite types and personalities.

    Example: Mew is usually a curious and kind psychic Pokemon that likes to play around but it's opposite would be a fighting/dark who is more serious and cruel.

    I'd be happy if any of you guys had anymore examples of opposite Pokemon so feel free to comment down below.

    Polaris Solarmoon

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  • 8 weeks
    Royal View Universe

    A universe inspired by the board game chess, why not? Takes place in midevil times. Names may not be changed...

    Queen Flora Braveheart

    King Drocsid Braveheart

    Bishop: Twiliana the Pure

    The Rook piece is represented by the Castle Of Hope which is where the king and queen live.

    Knight no.1: Sir Jacqueline the Honest

    Knight no.2: Sir Dashwave the Reckless

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  • 10 weeks
    Groovy View universe

    A music inspired au sorry in advance, all of the mane six's personalities are all based on music so classical music would be a classy personality and so on so yeah...

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  • 12 weeks
    Golden View Universe

    All I can say is that this au is "Golden".

    So I have an idea, one that'll probably make many go "what are you thinking!" Or "are you insane!?" But I think this will be the most interesting one yet,
    Why you ask? This is another rainboomless au, one where rainbow dash never even existed...

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  • 28 weeks
    A question

    Should I do another story like A New Different View or should I do something else?

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Ask Dianne Pie and Friends · 1:40am Jun 2nd, 2017

(my real name ---->)Randall Twomey presents...

Ask Dianne Pie and Friends


Dianne Pie :pinkiesad2:

Glitter Brightstar :twilightsmile:

AppleJill A.K.A Jeweled Apple :ajsmug::heart:

Quartz Bell :raritywink:

Prism Shine :rainbowderp:(the only pic that fit..)

Fluttersky "Phoenix" Firewing :yay:

Aegis Diamondscale

Prince Polaris Dusk Solarmoon

Princess Radiant Eclipse Dawn

S-Princess Luna

S-Princess Celestia

(if you don't remember them or know them, check out the bio page in "A Different View")

Glitter Brightstar:Ask away!*giggles*

Me: I give up...

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