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Season 7 episode 7 · 12:45am Jun 2nd, 2017

New Wonderbolt Episode!

Well, not really. They were not the focus of the episode itself. I'd still like to briefly mention that i thought it was a good episode overall with a well done message: Appreciate those who support you, even if they are a bit cringy :rainbowlaugh:

Whats the premise of the episode? Well... Scootaloo is doing a school project on an inspirational pony in her life. And it's not hard to figure out who that is. In order to find out more about her she gets (literally) launched to cloudsdale and instantly runs into...

Rainbow Dash's parents! (Headcannon blown the f out)

Scootaloo is all too eager to show them that Rainbow Dash is her idol. I mean look at that face:

And they immediately express that they too... are very big fans of their daughter:

however... when scootaloo tells them Dash is a Wonderbolt... they are shocked. Apparently Dash has not told them that she achieved their dream. So scootaloo immediately takes them to see a Wonderbolt show!

But it quickly becomes clear why Dash didn't tell them. They are a bit... embarrassing:

The episode proceeds to progress and things happen as one would expect in an episode premis like this. Dash eventually gets fed up and yells at them, they get sad, scootaloo can't believe she did it, Dash gives some fillihood backstory, but scootaloo gets her to see that her parents are just very proud of her, Dash apologizes and puts on a private stunt show for them.



They were all over the episode and i loved every second of it. Of course i still twitched here and there when my universe took stabs right to the heart, especially during Scootaloo's explanation of Dash's ascension into the ranks when...


But anyway... lets get to some pictures, shall we?

Brief Surprise appearance!

That is SUCH a Wonderverse Misty Fly face! :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:


Unfortunately, Soarin had absolutely no lines (but neither did Misty Fly so i guess that's okay! xD)

Believe it or not, the Wonderbolt with the most lines of dialogue in this episode was none other than Fleetfoot:

And she also had a lot of screen time (yay!)

Look! Screen time for Silver Lining! (a much younger looking Silver Lining!)

And is that...?

Looks like Thunderlane is a full fledged Wonderbolt too!

But this scene in the locker room easily took the cake for me because of this:

That face Fleetfoot made...

That face...

Is such a face Wonderverse Fleetfoot would make :pinkiecrazy:

But there was a very interesting scene at the end when Dash was explaining how her parents always embarassed her... and it kind of obliterated the backstory of my wonderbolts pretty hard :twilightsheepish: Apparently they all knew each other when they were young, and apparently are all around the same age, even lightning dust. Which doesnt seem to make any sense, but i wasn't complaining:



But what ya gonna do? I started writing the WOnderbolts long before they got any sort of development in the show, i've been mentally prepared from the beginning for my headcannons to get obliterated left and right the moment the show writers got to them :rainbowlaugh:

It was just awesome as always to see the ponies i work with so often in the show again. I love it every time. If you havent seen the episode i recommend it, if nothing else to see our favorite ponies get screen time! :eeyup:

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I may have shattered a window when I saw surprise...not gonna lie

Where have I seen that face before...


Oh my god...

I think someones been hanging out with someone else too much. XDD

I'm just taking the assumption that the placements on the podium were because Hasbro didn't want to come up with eight new designs the familiar ponies were merely serving as placeholders in Dash's memory. There are too many other reasons it doesn't make sense (why idolize ponies you beat, why didn't they know who she was, why didn't she know Lightning Dust, etc.) for it to have any other explanation. It did give us wonderful gratuitous shots of foal Soarin, Fleetfoot and Spitfire, so I guess in that way it was worth it.

I am THRILLED about Thunderlane becoming a full fledged Wonderbolt, though. Fits my headcanon just fine!


The better question is "WHEN ARE YOU GONNA DATE MY BABY GIRL?!?!?!?!?!"

Everything is fixed with thye Alternate universe tag

It will be interesting if we see any love running thought the next Wonderbolt episode.(Soarin there's your chance)

Think the mother jumped at Soaring because he was the only stallion there among them at that point I believe.

First Place Filly Derpy I mean Muffins. Yes, Muffins. Always Muffins. :derpyderp1:

This is relevant, I swear.


Lightning Streak and Blaze were 100% missing and Wave Chill apparently hasnt existed since season 2 :rainbowlaugh:

And I'm curious, was the window the only victim?


i can totally see this being the case :rainbowlaugh:


probably couldn't get ahold of his voice actor or something :rainbowlaugh:


oh god i wish




Dad please

Take it with a grain of salt, I think is appropriate to say. Only those behind the scenes working on each episode have final say, and we don't always like the end result, but we gotta at least take the good with the bad and all that.



Oh fucking hell in jesus’ nutsack... i WAS... replying to hornet, i just picked the pottery perfect wrong button to click on to reply...

I had a heart attack in this part with this little colt:


It was like HNNNNNGGGGGG :heart:

And this came to my mind almost inmediately:

Dash nearly had to hold her breath as her eyes and pupils widened. She refused to release a squeal that would have sounded supremely girly of her. But it was incredibly hard not to, since she was staring at a picture of Soarin when he was five years old. Not to mention he was getting his picture taken with the exact same trophy that sat in front of him and an old Wonderbolt was sitting beside him with an arm over his shoulder. Little colt Soarin had the biggest smile on his face Dash had ever seen, it was beyond adorable.

I CAN’T do anything in my life without something reminding me of Piercing the Heavens (I blame you)


Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Squall ran up to Matteo and hid behind him.

“What the…?” Matteo reached up to hold onto Gianni as he turned and looked at Squall.

“NO! Don’t move!” Squall pleaded.

Pleaded? Dash had never heard that tone from Squall before.

“What are you talking about?” Matteo glared at him as Teodora looked down at Squall from Matteo’s head. Dash stepped past a confused Gilda to get a better look at Squall.

“Please! Just don’t move!” Squall demanded in a hushed tone. Dash peered around Matteo and saw Squall digging himself into Matteo’s side, shivering, with a look of pure horror on his face. Matteo and Dash looked at each other, both confused beyond words. What the heck had gotten Squall so scared?

“Hey everypony!” a voice that could only be described as ‘happy,’ came from the doors. Dash and Matteo looked over to see two ponies walk in. A large, white pegasus stallion with a very long black mane that hung down past his shoulders and a grey pegasus mare that was about half the stallion’s size with a dark red mane that was tied into a bun. They both looked to be past their prime, around Silver’s age.

The stallion stepped into the middle of the crowd, took a very long, deep breath and exhaled so loudly, it sounded like he was coughing.

“Gotta say this place is awesome! And this!!” He motioned to the battle dome. “A combat dome?! NEAT! I bet I could throw a good punch or two in here!” He yelled while going back on his hind legs and making a few jabbing motions at random ponies. “Ha! Ha! Yeah! Can’t handle— Oh! AH!” he fell flat on his face. “OW! OW! OW! Leg cramp! LEG CRAMP!” he yelled while kicking one of his legs back.

“Oh, dear…” the mare walked over and helped him up. “Honey, the doctor told you to be careful rearing back,” she said in a very motherly tone that was so strong it almost sounded like condescending.

“Ha!” The stallion stood right back up. “The doctor doesn’t know me. If he wants to hold me back like that, he’ll have to fight me for it! Swear on me mum!” the stallion pounded his chest.

“What…?” Dash blinked as she and Matteo along with everypony else in the dome was watching the strange couple that entered the dome.

“Who’s this idiotic chump?” Gilda asked as she lifted an eyebrow. As they looked on, Matteo suddenly sharply looked over his shoulder at Squall, who was stiff as a statue, and then looked back at the two ponies.

“Wait a minute…” Matteo pondered out loud. Dash looked up at Matteo.

“Huh?” she looked at Matteo curiously as he looked between squall and the ponies. Dash looked at Squall as well, and her eyes widened.

“Dear, we should find our little colt now, don’t you think?” the mare asked him with the same overly motherly tone.

“That’s right!” the stallion pounded his chest. “Where’s my little tyke!?” the stallion looked around.

“No…” Matteo started.

“Way…” Dash finished.

“YOOHOO!!!!! SQUALL?! SQUALL BUDDY?! WHERE YOU AT SQUALLY WALLY JOLLY TROLLEY?!” the stallion yelled incredibly loudly causing most to cringe.

Don’t you think Squall’s and Dash’s parents have a... similar personality (I’m not the only one who realized that, right?)


That actually was something i thought about while watching the episode (I actually forgot to include it in the blog x3) Dash’s parents more or less mirrored the situation i had with Squall’s parents, it was interesting :twistnerd:

I can totally picture her saying something like: “Now I understand you, Squall”

I liked this one. Good to see someone in childrens media lampooning the participation award, or at least having a character less then thrilled with it.

<sees colt soarin> And no doubt upon seeing him some up right and up standing walking testament to the good abortion does to the world immediately leapt to his basement dwelling after wiping the pepper from his eyes and cupping an ice pack to his tiny package from repeated kicks from irate parents to sit at his heavily surveilance ridden computer to write out some foalcon before his new buddies at the SVU kick down his door and introduce him to their method of pedo electro shock therapy

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