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  • 151 weeks
    Does anyone...

    Know any good stories about Twilight going back to the beginning of season 1, and restart the whole show with futur knowledge?

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  • 156 weeks
    Do you know if...

    There are stories about the game Subanutica?

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  • 168 weeks
    searching for stories

    Does anyone know some good stories about ponies before Equestria was formed or before the three tribes even existed? Or perhaps a group featuring that kind of stories?

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  • 169 weeks
    searching for a story

    It's about a human who gets contacted by Twilight (Discord in disguise). He accepts the contract and become Twilight's (the real one this time) sex toy. the human (I think his name is Alex, not sure) is sent to Equestria and turned into a extremely feminine stallion. Twilight hides him from her friends for reasons that I can't remember.

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  • 172 weeks
    searching for stories

    Anyone has some good anthro fics that I could read?

    some info : I don't mind the sex tag and I don't mind if there's a human in the fic. However, I HATE fall of Equestria fics, so please don't link any of those.

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Do you know if... · 10:25pm Jun 1st, 2017

There are stories about the game Subanutica?

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