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Banana Code! · 10:39pm May 31st, 2017

We had a power point on radiology and radiation at work today. Randomly found out that in radiology you can measure radiation by banana levels. banana's have a certain measurable amount of radiation in them, so say you get your finger a certain distance from the x-ray machine before it goes off. You have now soaked in radiation equal to eating 2 banana's a day for a year!

I mean, it's still fairly harmless at that point, but you get the idea. :pinkiecrazy:

I wanna be lazy, but I also don't want to be either. Hoping to have the next Ticket chapter ready for editing by tonight, and get some college stuff done, that way my Thursday and Friday are pretty free to get 1 of 3 major tests for this course done, and for me to start writing up the second chapter of Betwixt and Benighted to get a little ahead.

At the same time, I want to play Sins of a Solar Empire for the umpteenth time. :rainbowdetermined2: Building fleets of ship, mammoth bases, it's all fun for awhile till the AI peters out. The whole game becomes dull once I, as Adagio would say "Break it's will, much like the snap of a whip against another's back."

Fluttershy: "...."

Adagio: "For recreational purposes, of course."

Cursed need to sleep, another eight hours a day would be awesome...buuuut I do like sleep. :ajsleepy:

Enough rambling, time to get back to work.

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You work in radiology too? Nice!

Heh when I used to work as an intern at my country water control society, I noticed a chart about how radiation there was in the water. The year when Chernobyl Nuclear reactor had a meltdown showed at the Netherlands 15 times a higher concentration in the fresh water supply then normal.

To give an indication for distance for Americans. That means that the distance between the east and west coast there was still15 times increase. How many bananas would be that? :ajbemused:

I, as Adagio would say "Break it's will, much like the snap of a whip against another's back."

Fluttershy: "...."

Adagio: "For recreational purposes, of course."

Ah, another reader of A Sucker for A Cute Face, I surmise.

4554497 I'm a Vet Tech, so we take x-rays of pets and the military working dogs if needed. :pinkiehappy:

Sadly, it doesn't pay well, and I am currently taking classes for phlebotomy. I figured humans are probably easier to take blood from, and it pays much better. I love animals, but I can't survive off of it.

A person living 16 kilometres (10 mi) from the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor received an average of 800 BED (banana equivalent dosage) of exposure to radiation during the 1979 accident.[

100 banana's is 1 BED, so with Three Mile Island based on the above incident those people ate 80,000 bananas at once! Bleh! :pinkiesick:

I looked up BED's with chernobyl, but I didn't find anything about the water. It looks like standing around Chernobyl is equivalent to eating 3 banana's an hour, and the longer you stay, the more it goes up till around 20-30 per hour.

And apparently most of Europe is getting an additional 20-30 bananas of radiation per year still thanks to Chernobyl. :twilightoops:


Ah, another reader of A Sucker for A Cute Face, I surmise.

"Reader' is putting it lightly. :twilightsheepish: I've probably read it over a dozen times so far this year. It's such a good story, so I enjoy it, but also am hoping to learn from it for my own writing.

Sucker for A Cute Face is quite good. The one thing I might advise against trying to emulate is the pacing, which drags a little in places.

4558380 Hmm, true, but I have seen much worse. Like, people who write in paragraphs of details for the room or location the character is currently in. At least he didn't spend that long describing the bench or area surrounding the bench Flutters and Adagio always met up at.

I think the only pacing that strained me was waiting for their first kiss, but it was a very rewarding wait. The right type of anticipation and building interest to finally see it.

His inner monologues do run quite a bit though, and tend to ramble a little into questions or thoughts that either never have a payout, or take so long that you need to re-read it as often as I have to remember them.

Still, every story has issues, and many can be learned from. I don't intend to take away making my stories any longer from it though, I tend to do that quite fine as it is. :pinkiehappy:

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