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    I'm Basically Indiana Jones Now

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The FIM Fiction Staff Members Are Part Of The Illuminati · 10:47pm May 30th, 2017

The Emoji Movie is coming out soon.

The staff 'just happens' to allow regular emojis to work on the site.

They are shilling for Hollywood.

Shills = hired hands.

Hired hands = Illuminati.

Illuminati confirmed.

Comments ( 44 )

How did we not see this before?


4553137 The evidence has been there right in front of us all along.

4553146 My thoughts exactly.



The Illuminati know all. They see all. They hear all.

I'm onto their antics.

I know how to look for their triangles and x-files theme songs.

They can't fool me.

I'm woke. <_<

The Illuminarty is everywhere!! Music albums, on our money, everything!! It's all an evil Satanic plot!

4553237 They leave their symbols everywhere to mock us.

But we are on to them.

They can't fool us anymore.

So they can take their pointy triangles and shove them up their bums. <_<

We will not be fooled by the evil Illuminarty

good job spotting them fellow rebel. It was only a matter of time before they exposed themselves.

You forgot the music.

4553267 I know right? <_<

4553283 The signs were always there. It was just that they were good at hiding them. But they finally exposed themselves with the emoji stuff. <_<

4553290 You are right! I will add the music.

4553318 Glad you did.

4553323 I'm glad that I did too. The post wouldn't be complete without it. <_<

4553316 Few others could. Keep up the good fight.

4553329 I'll do my best. :rainbowkiss:

Tell us something we didn't already know.

4553484 At least I'm not the only one. :o

...she knows too much

Hey Lyra! Could you come over here a sec

4558143 I don't want to get taken away though. :raritydespair:

*black van pulls up behind you*
Sigma team go!

4561928 Nuuu!

*Curls up into a ball and rolls away.*

Target is on the move! Go! Go! Go!

4562837 *Rolls into another dimension.* :p

my god! why have i never seen it before! its so obvious! *mind blown* :pinkiegasp:

4562965 The signs were always there. The ads that run on the site. That dancing pony you can turn on and off...for some reason. No doubt some kind of mind control device. But everything was confirmed when they updated everything to fit into the Emoji movie marketing scheme.

Prep the fabric of space distorter!

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