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Scientific Progress Goes - Oh Book! · 5:32pm May 26th, 2017

A short completed fic has been uploaded to the site, and cross-posted to AO3 called Scientific Progress Goes - Oh Book! It is very admittedly a gift fanfic for a very lovely friend of mine who was having a rough day, so I made it almost exclusively for her.

That being said, thank you all for the response on the fic, and I hope to revisit this world one of these days when we need more of it.

EDIT: 5/26/2017 8:32PM MNT

You crazy absolute fantastic diamonds you, you liked it so much I finally got featured! For a brief, fleeting moment I am at the top of the Featured list! Thank you EVERYONE for liking this fic I wrote for a friend, this will make her day.

Thank you all!

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The moment I saw the title of this Blog I thought that is was a play on words of this one book called "calvin and hobbes scientific progress goes boink". I love that comic series and I wish the author would start up again on it, maybe update the drawing style of it or something, it would be cool to see Calvin a few years old but not yet a Teen.


It is actually, although tweaked for the title of the fic. The whole story is based on the whole whimsy of Calvin and Hobbes childlike fantasy, and then flash forwarding it to present time to resolve the tale.

I also wish Watterson would climb out of his hole and make a new story, but haha good luck.

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