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I Want Your Opinion · 8:26pm May 25th, 2017

This has been on my mind for awhile now. I've started DOCTOR one year ago and I'm still stuck in segment one of the story. I'd have thought I would have been in segment three at the least by now but my story is only halfway through of segment one. And it isn't because its difficult or I have writers block or anything like that. The biggest and main issue is time, I just don't have enough of it. I am a Youtuber and that's where I receive all of my income from. However, my channel is still small at the moment so I am not paid very much. Therefor, most, if not all of my time is spent keeping up with my income in order to provide myself with food and water and all those other things people need to live. So I have very little time to spend working on my story. However, I do know that there are some fanfic writers that have patreon. And with the donations they receive they are able to use that money to provide for themselves thus allowing them more time to work on their stories and to have more updates. And I would really like that, if my story provided for me just a bit of money I would spend SO much time working on it and would most likely get it done significantly sooner. At the same time that doesn't really feel right. Yes I need the money but writing my story is a fun hobby, not a job that I feel obligated to do. And I wouldn't really feel comfortable asking people for money just so I can continue my story further. I just don't know.

On the one hand I could make the patreon and with donation I receive I'll be able to write my story quicker and finish it sooner. On the other hand I could continue as is and it will be finished eventually, but I won't be able to guarantee how soon "eventually" will be.

I don't know, what do you all think I should do?

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