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IRL Stories (1) · 4:11pm May 25th, 2017

So, I had an ingrown toenail (right toe) for like, two months, and I like to share with you on what it's like.

I was in the shower, and I notice that the side of my toe was a purplish color, right? And it was also protruding a little bit. This goes on for a few days, until the pain starts to kick in. I shrugged it off, thinking that it was all BS.

Then, after a week, I start to continuously grunt in pain as the pain started to get even worse. Then, all of the sudden, there was blood streaming out of it. And do you know how that happened? Someone stepped on my toe, and I call him, ugh... what I recall a mindless asshat. He said sorry, and I just ran off.

It's been 2 weeks now, and I decide to go to the doctor. I went to a surgeon, I'm not going to tell his name, however he told me to dunk my foot in warm water.

It's been 4 weeks, and the pain was still there. There was a point were I couldn't even stand up without falling back down in agony. I went to another doctor, and she told me to NOT soak my foot. I went to another doctor (husband of the previous doctor) and he said the same thing. So, WHY DID MY FIRST ONE SAY TO SOAK MY FOOT?!

Anyways, I forgot about that, and I took some more pills and medicines. The surgeon (male) said that there is a chance that I'll need surgery if it doesn't recover for a month.

A month has passed, and... nothing. Not gone. And it became even worse. The surgeon (same male again) said he'll need to perform surgery.

The day has come, and my mom (yes my mom came (cringe overload)) said that he'll just cut off my toenail. I laid down on those moveable beds, and I got rolled off to the air-conditioned (super cold) OR section of the hospital. It's sooooooooo cold. I only wore a skirt.

I'm in the OR, and the bed that I laid has the width of my hip, so it was so narrow.

The nurse fastened a black "L" shaped metal bar on the side of the bed, and she put a towel over.

I asked her why she did this.

She said she didn't want me to see.

I rolled my eyes and looked over.

I saw my toe, and there were a lot of tissues below my foot, but the surgery didn't start yet.

The surgeon came, and he told me he'll anaesthetised my toe with two shots, one on each side.

He shot my toe twice, and he poked my toe with a knife to see if it worked.

To my utter horror, he said that the shots didn't work.

He anaesthetised my toe once more, and this time it worked.

I laid back as he peeled off my skin and cut of my toenail. I didn't see, but it was loud.

He finished, and the nurse lifted the blanket that covered the scene.

There was blood everywhere, and my toe was bandaged with what looked like a very spongey mesh and a regular bandage.

I got wheeled back to one of the rooms with those beds on them, and they left me alone.

What I did next was a little unforgivable.

I stood up form my bed, and I jumped around right after my doctor cut off a part of my foot.



If you enjoyed this then maybe I'll make it into a series or something.

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