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Belated Hobbit Birthday · 3:31pm May 25th, 2017

So yesterday was my birthday and I spent it being very relaxed and spending time with family and then today decided I had neglected you all.

Thus, I offer a humble offering of games for your perusal and selection as had become the norm for such things.

The general rules are the standard 'take a look and comment on what you'd like and I'll give you the key.'

Ze List:

And Yet It Moves
Atom Zombie Smasher
Avadon: The Black Fortress
The Basement Collection
Binding of Isaac
Bit Blaster XL
Bit.Trip Runner
Blocks that Matter
Brutal Legend
Cave Story +
Choice chamber
Cortex Command
Crayon Physics Deluxe
Dear Esther
Drawful 2
Dungeon Defender All DLC
Dungeons of Dredmor
Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Frozen Synapse
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
Gone Home
Gratuitous Space Battles
Guacamelee! Gold Edition
Haunt the House: Terrotown
Hotline Miami
Intrusion 2
Jack Claw
Jasper's Journeys
Legend of Grimrock
Little Inferno
Oil Rush
Planetary Annihilation
Pony Island
Q.U.B.E: Directors Cut
Revenge of the Titans
Shank 2
Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Smuggle Truck
Snuggle Truck
Space Pirates and Zombies
Starseed Pilgrim
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution
Super Mea Boy
Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery
The Swapper
Swords and Soldiers
Thomas Was Alone
Walking Mars

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Comments ( 24 )

Happy belated birhday! I wish I had the time to play some of what you have to offer.

Happy Birthday! I thought your birthday was in March? Hah, that makes me a month older!

Happy birthday, and remember, these days you're a teenager until you're 35 :raritywink:

Happy Birthday!

Yay, birthday of the belated kind!

Birthday lunches with family are the best. Free ice cream sundae!

A belated happy birthday, then, and happy next birthday as well, in case I forget :raritywink:

Happy belated birthday! Hope it was grand in all regards. :twilightsmile:

A very happy birthday, belated or not. :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

Happy birthaversary! :D That's a lot of good stuff in there!

It took me a moment to remember what hobbits do on their birthdays. xD Legend of Grimrock.

Happy birthday! I've heard good things about Pony Island for people like me who freak the hell out about metafiction and fourth wall breaking. How'd you colllect all these keys?
EDIT not asking you to blow your code on me, just chatting. :pinkiehappy:

4546644 Done and done
4546690 Too bad, sending it to you anyways n_n

Happy Birthday:yay:

I'm celebrating a small holiday myself (yesterday I could see out of my left eye for the first time in 4 months).

I really should finish Cave Story. And by finish, I mean beat get the Golden Ending. That last level is brutal.
In any case, glad you had a relaxing birthday. :pinkiehappy:

Happy Birthday. I have played none of those save Xenonauts... so... Xenonauts?

Happy birthday! Glad it was good to you. The last computer game I ever got good at was Pong, so I'll pass on the games. But thank you! :-)

>The general rules are the standard 'take a look and comment on what you'd like and I'll give you the key.'

Um... what? Are these Steam games? How did you get so many? This is, like, $2,000 worth of games.

Am I so old that these are all video games and I don't recognize any of them?

Wait... Darwinia.

Happy hobbit birthday!

Guh. Brutal doesn't cover that one; I haven't beaten it either. If I hadn't gotten so emotionally attached to the story I wouldn't have devoted as much time to it as I already haveā€¦

They're on their way and also, copious humble bundles where I wanted one or two of the games and got a bunch i don't care about ^^;


Shorter of breath, and one year closer to death!

Happy birthday!

4548492 Are you naturally a pessimist and general buzzkill or do you work at it? :raritywink:


My love for you knows NO BOUNDS... but it DOES know a steel cage or two, just in case you get out of line.


OMG hope you had a happy birthday, ferret! I haven't been on here for two days so I missed this D:

...any chance you could forgive an absent-minded aussie his transgressions and slip him a key for Trine? :heart:


4548517 Neither one - I just listen to Pink Floyd!

And I drink a lot.

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