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Pony wallpaper artist, music producer and fanfiction author.

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  • 2 weeks
    Story - Fly Away

    It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm happy to announce that I finished a new story! :pinkiehappy:

    This is a short fic about Rainbow Dash that I started writing earlier this year, but numerous distractions kept me from finishing it until now. Let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas for how I could improve my scenery descriptions.

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  • 15 weeks
    Music - Dark Magic

    Even though I haven't finished any new writing in the last several months, I'm still working on other pony stuff outside of Fimfiction. Here's a new song that I made about Twilight Sparkle. The concept is a dark and mysterious trance tune about her getting chased through the Everfree Forest by corrupted magical aura. Check it out if you're interested :)

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    0 comments · 10 views
  • 34 weeks
    I Wrote a Non-MLP Story

    Well, it was bound to happen eventually. I wrote a story that doesn’t involve ponies for a change... In fact, it's 100% original, not fanfiction at all. The story is on FurAffinity, and it's about an elephant and a fox doing some kinky things together.

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    2 comments · 91 views
  • 39 weeks
    Story - Robotic Relief

    Hey everyone; I’m back! Told you all I wasn’t abandoning writing. Please enjoy this cyber-fueled clopfic that I’ve been working on. :pinkiehappy:

    Warning: This story contains robot on stallion action. Yeah...

    [Adult story embed hidden]

    0 comments · 52 views
  • 46 weeks
    Music - Pinkie Bounce

    In my time away from writing, I’ve been working on producing this song. It’s an electro/dance track inspired by Pinkie Pie! Really proud of how this turned out. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated :)

    2 comments · 89 views

Story - Fire In Her Body · 7:07pm May 24th, 2017

Are you guys ready for something really, really hot? This one is clopfic with Soarin and Spitfire, but with a twist. Go check it out and leave a rating! I really enjoyed writing this one; the idea has been floating around in my head for quite some time now and it feels good to make it come to life.

[Adult story embed hidden]

Report Game-BeatX14 · 145 views · Story: Fire In Her Body · #spitfire #clopfic
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