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Note on Hive Alive Timeline · 5:23pm May 24th, 2017

As always, a new chapter of Queen of Equestria will be released later today. :yay: I wanted to note earlier though that I have not forgotten about the Hive Alive Timeline. It's honestly just been a struggle with my whole work-life balance. Gotta pay the bills but not sacrifice time with friends and family all while squeezing in time for writing (which I always want to do because I love it). I've gotten some of Part 2 (CH11-20) done but need to finish it. I may be able to race through and complete all Parts in a month or two since I may get a little time off from work somewhere around there and zip through it in a marathon. :twilightsmile:

Also to note, I actually make a few minor corrections to Hive Alive as I go through it for the timeline. So various spelling and grammar issues get picked up and fixed. Cleaned like Chrysy below. :raritywink:

Anyways, hope y'all enjoy the next chapter

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Comments ( 2 )

Oh, You have a sequel! Hive Alive is one of my favorite stories, I'll give the new story a read.
I hope it's not only politics...

Yay~! Glad ya liked Hive Alive. :twilightblush:

There is some politics but it's more a story of Twilight as queen and the gang with her rather than just the political aspects of her position. Also romance and the main villain thing. :raritywink:

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