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Author of the Game Over series, including Game Over MST and its MLP spinoff, and the /good/ Ghost Trick crossover.

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  • 9 weeks
    I will not debate with someone who refuses to understand my position.

    I am too busy doing part 2 to continue reading anon reviews sent to my FF.net profile that have nothing to do with the reviewed story within the first five words.

    Also if your fic uses the anime rules, why does everyone start with 8000 Life Points?

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    Defect Compiler: Yu-Gi-Oh E-QUEST chapters 1 - 8

    *bing boog bing boog*

    Hello! I am the Defect Compiler! This is your automated report of all defects found in Yu-Gi-Oh! gameplay in the fanfic listed below, compiled for your convenience.

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  • 10 weeks
    mSCt3k Epsiode Y: For Yikes!

    Hello, everyone! A recent wave of hyperfixation has got me working on a new solo! This still isn't episode 6 (how do my solo riffing projects keep stalling out at episode 6?!), but a "side series" with a special episode number. This mixes something old with something... not exactly new, but few other critics of this author put the focus in the areas I'm capable of focusing, so I'm capable of

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  • 73 weeks
    mSCt3k notification

    For those wondering, yes, I am going to do riffs for part 3 and 4 of "End of Ends Riff." The docs are all set up and everything. It's just been slow to start due to the setup for part 3 being substantially harder than usual. As I said in my end rant for part 2, I'm pulling out all the stops, and I wanted to make sure I'll be doing it correctly (a.k.a. more effort than the TomTom Boys - as

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  • 88 weeks
    mSCt3k: Another Special Episode!

    Two months ago, the thing I did before got a sequel, and I've spent a lot of time since then hammering it into the ground.

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Here's how I've been doing. · 9:08am May 24th, 2017

A few bullet points here.

So I've graduated from university! Or at least I went through the commencement ceremony which consisted of sitting in the southern California almost-summer sun for at least six hours. One of my final grades is in and it confirms I passed, which is good considering that was the course I felt I was doing the worst in. All final grades are due this Friday, so I'll be able to figure it out.

If you're wondering why mSCt3k Episode 5 has taken so dang long, finishing university is definitely a major part of it. I suppose the other parts are my interest in the non-pony aspect of the fic being targeted dipping not long after I started as per the usual waxing and waning of my fandom intensity, and the brutal gauntlet that has been the Multipart Blitz over at Fan/fic/ Theater 3015 requiring so much of my attention. Now that I'm off-school, most of my focus is on getting something resembling an income going so I stop feeling like a leech.

Most relevant to this site, I've started writing a new fanfic! It's completely new territory for me, at least in terms of me actually writing something, but I've already gotten out about 5.3K for the first chapter in the last month or so, so I feel confident in it. I hope you all can enjoy it, especially since this one won't count on assuming you've played a 12-hour game before reading it! :twilightsheepish:

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