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    The Legend of Mass Effect

    So the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition released today and I've been having a blast replaying through ME 1. These are game I haven't been able to play in over 7 years. Going to a Wiki to research information on ME is fine, but experiencing the game is so much better.

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    Revisions are Finished

    So chapter 9 and 10 were the two I dreaded the most. After reading them again I realized that having Shepard, AJ, and Dash fight, the way I did, was rather out of character; especially for the latter two. So I removed the fight and added a new story plot point that I think will be a lot more fun to play with in the future. So anyway with 9 and 10 being combined into a singular chapter this

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    Chapter 8 is done

    Chapter 8 has been renamed and the update posted. Only two more chapters to go.

    Changed include some revelations and lot of dialogue changes, please tell me how you feel about it.

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    Getting Closer

    So Chapter 7 has finally been updated, only three more to go, and I'm making good progress. While I had announced that I'd hoped to have a new chapter up by the second week of April, sadly, that does not seem to be possible.

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    Looking for Artwork Commissions

    I'm wondering, is there is anyone willing to contribute artwork to ME:C? Of course I'm not expecting you to work for free. If you, or someone you know, is willing then please DM me or you can reach my email at oceansama@gmail.com or Discord at username Oceansama#6016

    We can discuss details there.

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ME:C A word of gratitude. · 4:23am May 23rd, 2017

Ok, I've been working on fixing up the latest chapter (Back and Forth) I can't believe I posted what I did in the state it currently is. I do want to give a thank you to everyone who left a comment and didn't chew me out for the mess I gave you. Since you all have been waiting for an update for so long.

I know how fickle my muse can be and how little my word weighs around here, so I don't want to make anymore empty promises. You all deserve better than that. So I hope this is the only chapter that comes in fits and bursts like this.

If you have any further feedback on how the story is going or had ideas or things you like to see, please share. I need some inspiration right now. I don't want to sit on this for another couple of years again.

Comments ( 2 )

I'd say focus on just moving forward, give us something to discuss. You can always go back and fix stuff.

Honestly I didn't see much wrong when I read it myself. Maybe not as in-debth as past ones but that can be forgiven. Just keep thinking about the next scene and the next scene after that and you should hopefully get back into the grove of it at your own pace

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