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Coming soon: chapter! Full of acts! Scenes in those acts! Story! · 10:44pm May 20th, 2017

I finished the next chapter of Cultural Norms (I'm going to call it Ponyville Flat Affect) at 12,000 words. Editing phase is a go, which usually means cutting scenes that don't work while adding descriptions and proof reading (which I'm bad at, if all those spelling corrections in the comments section are anything to go by).
So, no, it won't be posted today. I am aiming at next week, assuming I don't stumble across some awful plot hole that needs to be plugged.
Meanwhile, I'm waiting for this album to hit:

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I see that I wasn't actually following you, but just Cultural Norms. Corrected. Anywho, hope the editing process is going well. It seems to be late... but deadlines are more like guidelines when no one's paying you. Been there. Cheers and all the best! :twilightsmile:

Sweet, looking forward to a new chapter!

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