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  • 35 weeks
    I hope you like furry/scaly incest- Shedding Inhibitions Chapter 2 is available for purchase

    I think it's almost been a year since the last one came out. So, yeah, go ahead and recap what happened with the last chapter, and dive right into some mother-son snake incest. Well, buildup actually, no actual boinking just yet.
    This is a comic series I've co-produced with furry artist atrolux-- he's done all the art, I wrote the script from beginning to end. Hope y'all like it.

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  • 50 weeks
    I guess I should say something about the ending of the show?

    Don't really have the energy to type anything long-winded out, so here's something short.

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  • 52 weeks
    Story preview, anyone?

    This story is something I originally wanted to do a number of years ago, a little bit after Rainbow Rocks came out, and it was all the rage to show Sunset with that lovely looking horse in that music video. I kept telling myself I'd do it, but believe I was working on something else at the time, and eventually became so busy that the fad passed and I figured nobody would want to read it anymore.

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  • 52 weeks

    I mentioned in my last blog I'd have an announcement. This is it I guess.

    Thanks to succubisamus for the wonderful advertisement and all the support she's given me as of late.

    More details on derpibooru

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  • 52 weeks
    Here We Go Again

    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve done this before, and at this point, I’m too exhausted to go find out. I make a story, I say I’m going to put more time into making more stuff, something in my life happens for better or for worse, and I go another several months before suddenly making another story again. You’re tired of it, I’m tired of it, I’m kind of surprised anyone still follows me at

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New (SFW) story, and sneak-peek of future story (both Zootopia, of course) · 12:30am May 20th, 2017

Finals are done, I barely passed my spanish class, only to find out I still have to do one more year of foreign language before I can graduate. I seriously want to crawl into a hole right now.

Aside from that, hey, more Zootopia stuff; and it's not sexual. How about that.

Its been more than fifteen years since Gideon Grey saw Judy Hopps; fifteen years since he pushed her face into the ground and told her she was just a stupid carrot farming dumb-bunny. All grown up, Gideon carries the guilt of his abusive past in his heart, and its weighed down heavy on him for such a long time. When Judy's parents walk into his new pastry shop one day, he's presented with a chance to atone for what he did to Judy, and clear his guilty conscience. But is the Hopps family willing to let go of the past and look at the fox in a new light?


Also, if you guys like, I've made a post on my more SFW blog with a preview for an upcoming project of mine, the first chapter of which should be released in June. If you want a sneak-peek before the work itself is published, go ahead and look under the wrapping paper.

That's it for now. I might try to get another one-shot story out by next week, maybe another preview too, we'll see what happens.

By the way, I watched Celestial Advice and loved it. I'm also looking forward to A Royal Problem. Those are gonna be like, the only episodes I watch this season, unless I get word that Celestia is gonna be involved in a major way. She's seriously like the only draw I have to the show anymore. Maybe Princess Ember too.

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