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Canterlot's donut making, coffee slinging nox pony, amongst other OCs. As well as writing the occasional, he proofreads and edits them as Gavin the griffon and calls the STL area home.

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Things about nox ponies... · 10:29am May 18th, 2017

Aka bat ponies aka thestrals. This is a collection of my head canon and bits and pieces I've collected from the fandom and in no particular order.

Bat ponies are an off shoot pegasi, either the product of a recessive gene, or some type of stray magic.
They have leathery bat like wings instead of the feathery wings pegasus are known for.
They have slitted pupil eyes giving them outstanding night vision, a useful trait as they are nocturnal unlike other ponies
Their fur colours gravitate towards the darker side of the spectrum, black, dark greys and dark browns of course, but also dark shades of red, blue, and purple.
Some do however get lighter coats more like their pegasi brothers including light brown, light grey, orange and more
They lose some of the pegasus magic, for example they lack the weather powers of pegasi, ie the ability to measure temperature, barometric pressure or control weather.
However they do gain the aforementioned night vision, dew claws on their wings that can be used to hold things, the ability to purr, and a prehensile tail.

That prehensile tail is typical used to help them carry things, although in the old days nox ponies, at least the tree dwellers did hang from their tails while sleeping.
I typically use mine to carry pots and glasses at the store, especially helpful when I'm carrying a tray of donuts at the same time.
Some do sleep traditionally, although most have converted to pony style homes. More common is a hybrid home, conventional pony style furnishings, but the bedroom is also equipped with roosts so they can sleep however they desire.

There are two types of bat ponies, cave dwelling and tree dwelling. These days such designations are not really important, few live in the traditional ways as modern society has been far more accepting of nox ponies. Particularly cave dwelling has gone away in favor of modern homes, but the tree dwellers had long since moved from roosting on branches to homes built with the branches of large trees.
Cave ponies were typically insectivores, while tree dwellers typically ate fruits.
Mangoes are particularly popular with nox ponies, but they like any type of fruit, and some are particularly fond of other fruits, I love pineapples m'self

We eat meat, but no, we're not vamponies, nor do we hunt ponies. That first one is just an old mare's tale, and as to the other one... Old rumor merged with tails of griffons hunting ponies in the borderlands? That'd be my best guess. We don't eat a lot of meat, just a little bit two or three meals a week, typically a bit of meat added to a salad. Often a salad like that is known as a red salad in restaurants that cater to us.

Well, that's all I can think of right now, but I'm always happy to answer questions.

Credit where credit is due:
The term nox pony was coined by Evilhumour in his outstanding story The Pieces Lie Where They Fall
Nox ponies purring comes from Wing Dancer's wonderful story One Way Road (NSFW)

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