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Advice · 4:20pm May 17th, 2017

I have been writing fanfiction for nearly... god how many years has it been since 1995?

In any case, there's a lot of questions new writers have asked me over the years, on how to get started in writing, and how to get views, and how to get a proper fanbase. Some of these things I myself do not follow, but that's because time, age, and just general inspiration has lessened its death grip on me.

1. Write what you want to write. There is no wrong way to write anything, and there will be an audience for it. I mean, look what happened with Chuck Tingle. Love is real yo.

2. Get an editor. If you have friends who are good at grammar, and can nitpick scenes, especially if they're in your own fandom? Do it. An editor is always a perfect thing to have. We know these little baubles as pre-readers in fanfiction circles.

3. Work with inspiration when you can. This is something I do all the time, and it shows. I might have long content droughts, but that's for a lack of inspiration. Do what you can to feel comfortable with the fanfiction content you're producing. Feel good about it. Feel confident in what you're writing.

4. Reach out, make friends in the community. I myself have a few people I talk to regularly and have for years. Learning how to communicate increases your resources immensely.

Finally, 5. If you are worried about your fanfic not getting enough views? Well don't worry, view and thumbs up and down don't make or break a fanfic, even a first attempt. Just get back up and remember the timeless words of Penny Arcade

Same difference really. So get out there and do some writing.

PS: The reason I say this is because at the moment I have no head for taking story requests. Maybe this will change later, but I have excruciatingly high standards for my own purposes.

So get out there and have some fun. That's what fanfic writing is, fun right?

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