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I'm ded lol. Fuck you, bronies.

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Listening to Persona 5 music · 12:53am May 17th, 2017

So I decided to give Persona's soundtrack another go. But I never really thought Persona music was as good as people made it out to be, to be totally honest with you. I didn't like Persona 3 or 4's soundtrack, so I doubt Persona 5 will be any differe--

Sweet mother of Jesus Christ on a bike.

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i know right it's good like real good

Welcome aboard the good ship Meguro. Prepare your ears for some fabulous Acid Jazz.:rainbowkiss:

4535503 that is one way to explain it

4535503 Yup, and that theme

Personally, my favorite tunes from P3 and P4 are Mass Destruction, The Battle For Everyone's Souls, Reach Out To The Truth, I'll Face Myself, and The Poem/Aria for Everyone's Souls

Haven't heard the whole OST yet, but what I've heard so far it's giving me incentive to continue.

4535520 oh listen to the theme song wake up get up and get out their

4535515 thats not the theme song thats the theme when you go into the that place a final time

Now the video's ruined.

4535534 I put in a new link

4535534 sorry i can get the link if you want supe i'm sorry again

Rivers in the Desert is the best song

Yeah, I don't regret buying this game and the soundtrack is a big reason.
So many great themes:–Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There–Life will Change–Rivers in the Desert–Blooming Villain–Price–The Days when my Mother was there–Whims of Fate–Ark– and the final boss theme
And these are only the ones I repeatedly listen to:twilightsmile:

It's SO good, dude!

I've been listening to the soundtrack all night, dude. So good!

Shoot. I have work today. I have to do that instead of 'wasting' y day playing Persona 5!
Thanks for reminding me.
... also, glad to hear you like the audio!
Here is one of my favorites so far!

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4541587 I'll see she I'm back on the computer

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