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Just an artist here, but sometimes I write about pony plots.

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Editor Needed. · 5:12am May 16th, 2017

Okay guys... So I am currently working with MadMaxtheBlack on a super secret collaboration project that involves batponies and a human... and clop... lots of clop... But we need an editor. A good one. So far we have chapter one ready to be edited, but we need someone who has a good eye for spelling and grammar mistakes. Also you need to be willing to be able to go though 9k words in a decent amount of time. There is no rush now since we are working on a few chapters before posting, but I just want someone who isn't going to mess around.

Please PM me or talk to me here if you are interested.

This is top secret stuff so make sure no one knows about it. And makes sure to wipe your computers history and set it on fire after reading this. Thank you.

Please don't set your computer on fire. I'm only joking. :fluttershbad:

Thank you to everyone that asked to help! I'm sorry I couldn't pick all of you, but we did find some one!

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cmon you guys, this is history in the making!

Your human and you: The good, the bat, and the cloppy



The #2 best resource for an editor after Fowlers 1st Edition (which is being reprinted, thank Calliope).

While I have no experience as an editor and the like, I very much bristle at snide remarks against English Majors and Liberal Arts.

Finally... a collaboration

4534483 I...think you missed the point of this post.:rainbowderp:

This is top secret stuff so make sure no one knows about it. And makes sure to wipe your computers history and set it on fire after reading this. Thank you.

Could I join as an editor? I promise to be super cereal.

Looks like you've already got plenty volunteers, but if you ever need any more, I'm here.

I'd be interested if you haven't picked someone else. I admit that I've never done editing for anyone here before, but I'm very good at both grammar and spelling. I do finally have a couple chapters up on here you can look at if you do consider me.

Im good for for helping on the spelling checks but your as for grammer I probably wouldn't be much help, seeing as it is a dying art that barely anyone uses properly enough anymore...

I'm always willing to help out. I've done similar work before with ocalhoun if you want a refrence. As well as doing rewrites for some people who never bothered to credit me, but we don't talk about those people.



No, I was just wasted. Hungover a bit right now.

But, we don't have many pony butts in the story yet. :fluttercry:

4534692 You spelled grammar as 'grammer' .-.

Sorry, been up all night playing Injustice against friends. My mind is mush at the moment...


Please don't set your computer on fire. I'm only joking.

*on phone* :facehoof: missed that

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