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    Xanadu: The Musical Review (RIP Olivia Newton John!)

    I wrote this a week ago. A couple days later, Olivia Newton-John died :(

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    Random thoughts about artificial intelligence I texted my friend while high

    I just thought of the absolutely most hilarious and absurd but also actually feasible (and similar to various in person and telecommunication accessibility systems for disabled people that have existed for decades already) and useful and creative way to get my self to practice scales and/or other fundamental music building blocks I agregiously neglect: hook up a midi keyboard to a phone or

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    Fun Fact

    Whenever I want to update ⇩ Please Downvote! ⇩ and I don't have any recent notifications about it, the fastest way for me to reach it is to just do a blank story search using the search bar at the top of most Fimfiction pages and then set it to sort by downvotes and

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    Can you lose weight by inducing diarrhea using artificial sweeteners?

    Can you lose weight by inducing diarrhea using artificial sweeteners?

    Obviously you would not want to do this all the time as it's not the most pleasant several hours of your life repeatedly running to or just sitting on the toilet, but like, for example, after you eat 4000 calories at an all you can eat restaurant.

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    Sneak peak

    Context: Izzy explaining to Hitch why her phone auto corrects femcel to femboy sprout

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Signal Boost Admiral Trampoline Super Biscuit Shouldn't Write Shipfics, Volume I · 7:01am May 15th, 2017

Admiral Trampoline and I have just collaborated on the greatest shipfic evar!!!!1!!

It's, like, what happens when you're tired and drunk and your plot is generated using Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder but awesomer.

So, you should totally check it out. And if your seeing double, you ought to see a doctor. :trollestia:

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Author Interviewer

inb4 you catch hella shit because you "posted the same story" :B

4533402 I swear you better review these while drunk

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