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Honestly, probably only here to read, and write, fanfiction about Sunset Shimmer and the Dazzlings. Also, canon is my clay and I shall shape it as I wish.

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Possible Unpopular Opinion #1 · 6:25am May 15th, 2017

I fucking hate Demon Sunset Shimmer's hair. I think it would just look better being down on that form. I love everything else about the design, but the hair just... I just can't stand looking at it.

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Honestly, I think demon Shimmer is my least favorite villain design in the series. It just feels off from the rest of the show.

4533441 There are things I can appreciate about it. The black sclera is a really nice contrast against Sunset's light turquoise eyes, the tail is a great touch, at certain angles the fangs look adorable and I like the red skin. But, you are right, there are things that feel off. For me, it's definitely the hair. The fricken hair... Her design just isn't the same compared to the other villains I've seen (and I've seen most of them, despite needing to watch the show proper). And that's saying something considering the Dazzlings were probably the most unorthodox of the MLP villains in terms of... look, I guess? Maybe it's because I'm comparing them to horses, half-horses, horse dragons and the like, but the Dazzlings looked the most out of place. Even with that, Sunset's design is so... guh. She's definitely better hero material than villain.

4533492 The sirens definitely look different from the other villains (even in eg, they are kind of under transformed) but that's because they look like normal people.

I think the problem with demon shimmer is that she has the subtlety of a brick.

4533515 I had to stop laughing at the brick joke (cue another fit of laughter) before I could respond. I mean, technically, in that respect, the Dazzlings are the oddballs out anyway because they have the most subtlety of all the villains. Granted, it most likely has to do with the fact that they retained their human forms with additions that the humans already recognized as coming from the Rainbooms and therefore would be caught off guard by how actually threatening the Dazzlings are. Dusk Shimmer (that's what I call her sometimes) destroyed things and tried to kill people, Midnight Sparkle tried to rip the world apart, Gaia Everfree tried hostage-holding. None of them have much subtlety, but the Dazzlings? "Oh yeah, just mind control through singing and making everyone hate each other."

4533530 True, true. Though to be fair, Midnight barely counts as a villain since she didn't really want to turn evil, she just got overwhelmed and went a little insane. But Sunset's transformation is just funny to me, since she at least tried to be subtle, until she got the magic, then she's just like "Fireball!!!"

4533555 Yeah, that's true. Though, the magic kinda overwhelmed Sunset too. But she was closer to the bad side than Sci-Twi had been anyway, so her morality line is somewhat blurred. But yeah, it goes from framing, kidnapping, and blackmail to "Holy BALLS, I've got FIRE and MIND CONTROL POWERS! YES!" Honestly, Rebecca must have had so much fun acting as the demon because I laugh so hard every time I watch EQG1.

4533566 True! Honestly if I suddenly had fireballs and mind control, I don't think I could be held responsible for my actions!

4533589 Yeah, me neither. Especially since the fire was black and turquoise!

I never really liked anything about the demon shimmer design.

My theory is that the MLP animators make a conscious effort to avoid the Draco In Leather Pants thing idolising or romanticising the villains, or at least making them attractive or their power impressive rather than mean.

I adore Sunset's daywear look in the first two films, but then the demon looked silly. The sirens all dressed wonderfully, only to then become 'cartoon' monsters in the battle. Sci-Twi looked nerdy, and her demonic outfit and wings were a step up, but the weird energy glasses ruined it. And then Gaia Everfree looked like a comic book superhero/villain with the weird eyes.

I think the same applies to some of the villains from the series, too, especially Nightmare Moon.

The big exception is the sirens in the storybook sequence, who look ominous and almighty.

I don't hate demon Sunset's hair but it's definitely her worst feature.

I like the half horse-half sea serpent look. It helped drive home, at the end, that they really weren't humans.

The sirens are definitely among the most unorthodox villains in the series. They almost beat the heroes with the power of teamwork, for one thing, only being stopped by an even more gregious deus ex machina than normal.

4537611 Very true, actually. I mean, I like their siren forms, they were just different for me to look at after seeing pictures of every other villain in the MLP universe.

I do love that little feature, though. The Sirens seem to be a package deal. You get one, you get all three. And they don't everything together. Even if Adagio is the leader, it's clear that Aria and Sonata increase her power as she increases their own. I don't think I've seen any other MLP villain who's like that. Chrysalis comes close, but I feel like she sees her changelings more as footmen than equals...

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