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  • Saturday
    S8E6 - Surf and/or Turf


    The Cutie Mark Crusaders help a young hippogriff decide whether he belongs with his hippogriff or seapony relatives.

    Reminder: Links to unofficial streams/downloads of episodes are not allowed!

    145 comments · 2,373 views
  • 1 week
    S8E5 - Grannies Gone Wild


    Rainbow Dash accompanies Granny Smith and her elderly friends as a chaperone at Las Pegasus.

    Reminder: Links to unofficial streams/downloads of episodes are not allowed!

    221 comments · 3,390 views
  • 2 weeks
    S8E4 - Fake It 'til You Make It


    Fluttershy takes charge of the Rarity for You boutique in Manehattan while Rarity is away.

    Reminder: Links to unofficial streams/downloads of episodes are not allowed!

    296 comments · 4,888 views
  • 3 weeks
    S8E3 - The Maud Couple


    Pinkie Pie's bond with her older sister Maud is challenged when Maud gets a boyfriend.

    Reminder: Links to unofficial streams/downloads of episodes are not allowed!

    298 comments · 5,970 views
  • 4 weeks
    S8E1-2 - School Daze


    1. When the Cutie Map expands to areas beyond Equestria, Twilight Sparkle decides to open up a school.

    2. Twilight and her students must save the School of Friendship when it is shut down by an organization.

    New season time boiz and galz

    Reminder: Links to download episodes are not allowed!

    285 comments · 8,403 views
  • 25 weeks
    S7E25-26 - Shadow Play


    When Sunburst discovers the lost journal of Starswirl the Bearded, Twilight becomes obsessed with saving her magical idol from a thousand year old prison.

    Reminder: Links to download episodes are not allowed!

    237 comments · 9,068 views
  • 26 weeks
    S7E24 - Uncommon Bond


    When Starlight gets a visit from Sunburst, she discovers that he has tons in common with her friends and starts to wonder if he still has anything in common with her.

    Reminder: Links to download episodes are not allowed!

    179 comments · 9,894 views
  • 27 weeks
    S7E23 - Secrets and Pies


    When Pinkie Pie thinks she sees Rainbow Dash throw away one of her pies, she suspects the worst. Pinkie Pie attempts to catch Rainbow Dash in her web of lies…using pies.

    Reminder: Links to download episodes are not allowed!

    97 comments · 10,993 views
  • 28 weeks
    S7E22 - Once Upon a Zeppelin


    Twilight is torn when she discovers the cruise she and her family are on is actually a themed vacation experience in which ponies have paid for the privilege of spending time with her. Will she be able to please both her family and the cruise attendees?

    Reminder: Links to download episodes are not allowed!

    209 comments · 8,455 views
  • 29 weeks
    S7E21 - Marks and Recreation


    The Cutie Mark Crusaders start a Cutie Mark Day Camp only to find out that one of their campers doesn't want a cutie mark.

    130 comments · 8,854 views

Episode Discussion » S7E8 - Hard to Say Anything · 1:42pm May 13th, 2017


When the Cutie Mark Crusaders discover that Big Mac has his first crush, they vow to help him win Sugar Belle’s heart before Feather Bangs does it first.

Comments ( 148 )

First! Nyaa-Nyaa!:derpytongue2:

Say what!?! Go get em Big Mac!

So many headcannon's are going to be destroyed. :raritydespair:

Oh boy... Here we go. Prepare for the shipping wars to ignite...

4530831 To say nothing of the Fluttermac supporters. This is going to be ugly.:fluttershyouch:

4530833 let them all burn! This is the era of Sugarmac!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::rainbowwild::rainbowwild:

So long, Fluttermac, Cheerimac and Marblemac.

This episode sounds lovely! It may contain many cute heart may not survive :rainbowkiss:

At this rate, Big Mac will start a harem :rainbowlaugh:

4530839 Ah, SugarMac. The name alone indicates sweetness :ajsmug:


So long fluttermac, cheerimac, and marblemac. At this point I think the writers are doing this just to mess with the fandom and see what they can cause.


So long fluttermac, cheerimac, and marblemac. At this point I think the writers are doing this just to mess with the fandom and see what they can cause.

It’s a safe bet they’re going to forget about Sugarmac entirely by the end of the season, anyway.

I just wanna know more about why sugarbelle wanted to join starlight's cult in the first place!

New headcannon Big Macintosh is a harem protagonist.

Can anyone provide a link to a livestream? We blasphemous Americans that want to see the episodes ahead of time need a hand.

Edit: Wait, I haven't even seen Parental Glideance yet... HOW FAR AHEAD ARE YOU CANADIANS??? :flutterrage:

That brings up the question of why bring up this plot point out of nowhere if it's going to be dropped just as quickly...

I already made a group a while ago

Big belle


“We haven’t done anything with Big Mac lately, remember that episode about, what’s the word, Hearts and Hooves day? Good times.”

Cutie Mark Crusader Shipper Ponies!

Big Mac is a playa.

Vincent Tong trying to woo Rebecca Shoichet.
FlashShimmer confirmed.

That was a nice episode, overall. Feather Bangs reminded me of Kevin from Steven Universe.

The ship has landed people. I repeat: the ship has landed!

Cute episode,, and I like how they mantion love potion, but why no word abou Marble Pie? Do we really need Suger Bell to be his "first" crush? Also, this guy at the end just get harem? He never said he want's just one of them. :rainbowlaugh:


I thought of him as a backstreet boy. Also does one of those "admirers" resemble Sugarcoat?

Dang it no marx bros reference 0/10 episode

They'll always be his side hoes

Wait... didn't we do something like this already involving Love Poison? :ajbemused:

:ajsleepy: *Sighs* CMC, ever heard the saying "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it"?

4530841 Must not forget Caramel/Mac. ...I think we can safely say that ship has been sunk.

Wow, we just saw the death of the second biggest straight ship. Also, Feather Bangs is the new harem master.

You've got this, Big Mac. Can't believe Canada gets to see this one today.

You go, Big Mac! :ajsmug:

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVERY Ship you know is wrong
SugarMac is here to stay along
And everything you wrote as fanfic has sunken into Davey's Jones locker
Because every ship you know is WROOOO-O-O-O-O-NG!

Weird Al should sing this!

There's a lot wrong with the story here...

1: The setup didn't work with the rest of the story at all. I know a girl isn't obligated to having only one potential suitor before anything has been stated, but her spending actual money getting Big Mac to the village to see him and NOT telling him that she likes him is the kind of thing you'll only see in cartoons.

2: If she doesn't like big grand romantic gestures, why did she fall for every single one before the ending? Shouldn't she have told Featherbangs to go away long ago?

3: Is Sweetiebelle swooning over Featherbangs during the kiss scene? That comes out of nowhere and is never referenced again. Perhaps a storyline that was cut for time, or creep factor.

4: Again, if she is the one who keeps summoning him to the village, WHY IS HE THE ONE TRYING TO TELL HER HOW HE FEELS INSTEAD OF THE OTHER WAY AROUND? The episode would be narratively stronger, and significantly less offensive to women, if it was about her trying to express her feelings to him (or if they had found other excuses to get the two of them together that didn't involve her clearly liking him). As it is it just perpetuates the notion of a woman making herself a prize to be won in a contest between men. Even when she was the one making contact she's still sitting around waiting for him to make the first move instead of telling him herself that she likes him.

5: Nose-nuzzles? Really? I know this is a kid's show but we've seen kisses in it before. Or are kisses reserved solely for married couples?

I wouldn't say it was the worst episode, or even particularly bad, there was just a lot about it the way it was set up and executed that bugs me. Otherwise I'd describe it as "alright, I guess".

4531000 That does would Weird Alish. Quick, someone bring up a pic of Cheese Sandwich! Wait, I already did! (Bonus points to anyone who gets the movie I'm referencing there.)

Oh God, they actually shipped PERMANENTLY an OLD ESTABLISHED character for the first time!

That mean other ships can happen too, like StarBurst or FlutterCord!

4530981 It's the writers who forgot. Not the CMC.

Huzzah! Streams have been found and I'm caught up! Anyway...

Nice to see Big Mac actually talking more. The whole 'eyyyup'/'nnnope' gag was getting old. Glad to see him actually getting some development outside of being in disguise (Orchard Blossom).

Not sure what to make of the CMC deciding to help Feather Bangs after the whole ordeal, but I guess he has just as much a right to try and find love as anyone else, even if he was being kind of a dick.

Meh, I guess. 6/10

Oh, and I almost forgot:

4530984 4530883 4530841 4530833
If you haven't read the comics, there's also LunaMac. :heart:

Reading the comments here have killed my interest in this week's episode. I'm not even gonna bother with trying to watch it.


This is why we're better than you.

That and not having a borderline insane man-child in charge of the country. Taste the pain.


4531016 Really, did you have to bring HIM into this? Really?:facehoof:

4531016 Apologies for whoever downvoted that comment, because...

having a borderline insane man-child in charge of the country're right. :facehoof:

4531018 Well, he did...
And now the flame war begins.

4531022 I was the one who downvoted it because I knew exactly what would happen if he was brought into this. And to be honest, you are very right. It's shameful what passes for presidency nowadays.

4530960 They make me think of triplets from Beauty and the Beast

Oh, and sorry for the spam replies re: ships. Didn't see that two of those were both you. :twilightsheepish:

4530981 There's a major difference. Mac actually wanted this beforehand.

4531028 I didn't even notice the spam replies, funnily enough. Shows how observant I am, doesn't it?:derpytongue2:

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