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SDR Bonus Stuff | Director's Commentary or Something · 5:06pm May 12th, 2017

I wanted to talk into the void about some 'behind the scenes' and/or fun facts about some chapters in 'If You Want Something Done Right'.

I also couldn't think of a title for this blog post.

Imagine this as some kind of director's commentary or something, I don't know. It's the time of the year when it's hot and I reeeeeeaaaaaalllllly hate the heat. I'm a little out of it thanks to that.

This has many spoilers for 'The Quest For The Past' and the first 18 chapters of 'If You Want Something Done Right'. I'll be a little ambiguous about a few bigger details just in case, but otherwise if you aren't bothered by spoilers, read on.

I might do more of these in the future, so consider this an experiment.

A big difference between SDR and QFTP is the main character. Technically, it's the same person from a different universe and/or timeline (etc), except his name isn't Cloud Calculation.

In QFTP, Cloud just remembers his name because plot convenience. As time would go on, plot holes would matter less and less anyway so it was accidentally fitting. In SDR, however, 'Cloud' is the name the protagonist makes up. His real name is actually something very different, and highlights the key differences (yet similarities) between him and the 'original' Cloud.

[Throughout this blog I'll refer to QFTP Cloud as Cloud Prime and SDR Cloud as Not-Cloud.]

So the multiverse was a very definite thing in QFTP, and the characters tended to hop around a little but always came back to the 'hub' universe, which of course was Magi. The Equestria Girls Human world... thing counted as a different universe entirely too, rather than something confusing like the mirror actively changing the whole world save for whoever entered it, and characters trying to balance between the normal horsey world and the not-so-normal world with the evil thing known as the internet. It was simply a different universe.

In SDR, the multiverse will be explored too. Probably not to the extent of QFTP (I'm mainly thinking about the chapter where Cloud Prime suddenly explodes into a different universe for little to no reason), but it will be present with things like Equestria Girls and some fun stuff I haven't put much thought into yet. An important note is that none of the universes explored in QFTP will be explored in SDR (although I'm considering a small cross-over arc).

Another big difference between Cloud Prime and Not-Cloud are the arcane circles.

First of all, I'm not certain if they'll ever be called arcane circles in SDR, mostly because there's not much reason to. I still refer to them as arcane circles outside of SDR (in my notes and blog posts), but I'm not sure if they'll ever have that name in the story.

Second, I want to use different circles. I don't want the circles to be the same as before, so I'm changing both the circles themselves and how any repeat circles work. For example, the support circle (I'm not putting in extra effort in formatting in a blog post, I'm too lazy for that) works differently in SDR than it did in QFTP. In QFTP, it just quadrupled Cloud Prime's magical ability. The SDR support circle, however, converts Not-Cloud's mental focus into both magical energy as well as increase his magical ability. This is much more gradual than in QFTP and is much less effective (though effective nonetheless).

The kinetic circle, which allowed Cloud Prime to store and release kinetic energy in any kind of physical motion, has been replaced by the shock circle. The shock circle allows Not-Cloud to convert mental focus into very harmful electricity. I love the idea of the kinetic circle, but I also want fresh ideas to have a chance to shine.

So the shock circle is fueled by mental focus, just like the support circle. Other circles will be the same. If you've ever played an rpg with magic and stamina systems, like Skyrim, a simplification of the magic-babble is this: Casting spells costs mana, but 'casting' circles costs brain stamina. If he uses too many circles (or just one circle) too much at once, Not-Cloud could cause serious psychological damage to himself, or even potentially kill himself. I haven't decided on the negative effects fully, so keep in mind what I decide on later might contradict this (this applies to everything here, actually).

The only circle I'd be willing to bring back without much change would be the shield circle. It would have changes made to it, of course, but it'll be pretty much the same like the support circle. The shield circle is just convenient.

Also, if you ever have ideas for an arcane circle you find entertaining, interesting or just plain fun, please tell me in the comments at any time! I'll probably end up using it, and if I do I'll credit you for the idea in the author's note of the first chapter it appears in!

I suppose that'll do for a first one of these. I'm not sure if I'll do more. I probably will.

Until next time!

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Comments ( 6 )

When you type an entire long comment with wonderful suggestions and then the page crashes and reloads just as you put the finishing touches on it.

Take Two:

In my original comment I said about how it was my birthday when you posted this and how I was pleased by the blog on my special day. Then I went on to say how I like the new mechanics of the circles and gave a slight intelligence burn on the previous Cloud. I then gave a suggestion on a new circle I had thoughts on. But it crashed as I did the formatting for a colour. To be snazzy and cool of course. So here is the circle idea from me.

The Shade Circle. Gives Not-Cloud the ability to create a decoy within a circle.

4530285 Happy birthday! :pinkiehappy:
I'm glad you like the new mechanics! The main reason I changed them in the first place is because I never really gave them a downside, and they were too overpowered in the first place.
I like the circle idea! I hadn't considered something like that.

As a small birthday present, here some more behind the scenes stuff; a few arcane circle ideas I've considered but decided against:
- Silence
- Shroud
- Explosion
- Saw

4530377 I am guessing the Saw one is similar to the Razor Circle. Shroud would be some form of concealment or invisibility. Explosion is pretty obvious, it creates sunshine and happiness wherever used ~probably~. And silence must either make Cloud completely silent so nobody can hear him and would be good to use alongside shroud or it makes other people silent so he can finally get Twilight to stop talking at him.

Edit: fixed an autocorrect error.

4530847 You're more or less correct on all accounts!

4530854 Either I have reached the level of stalkery that allows me to read your mind, or I'm already good at extrapolating information.

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